Guide To The Best Mop For Laminate Floors

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Are you a proud owner of a beautiful laminate floor? Then you must know what it takes to maintain it as well. For those that are new to it or considering installing one in their home, need not worry as we are here to help you find the Best Mop for Laminate Floors and more.

Don’t worry, as these floors need less of maintenance and you will not have to worry at all about keeping it shiny all through. Yes, you may have to be careful of not overdoing things, as you need to remember that you are dealing with laminate here. We request you to pay attention to this discussion and read this post till the end for the same.

Okay, you may be thinking what is there to think about buying the Best Mop for Laminate Floors? It could sound funny to some because all your life you may have to not even given it a second thought.

Nonetheless, there is a need to look into this aspect as well. Here are a few indicators that you must look into while buying a mop for a laminate floor:

Budget – Yes, you must decide on a budget for cleaning your laminate floors. The mop should be affordable, as you will be using it daily. You must seek a practical solution for your cleaning purposes.

Type of mops – You must avoid steam mops by all means for a laminate floor. You could give it dry mops a try, spin mops could also be of great use and spray mops with microfiber could be the perfect solution.

Light in weight – Must be lightweight, as you know this will make moving around easy with your mop. Portability is a big concern for any cleaning product and your mop should be the most flexible of all.

Microfiber cloth – Microfiber heads are bang on your buck because you can use them again and again. They pick up dirt, grime, pet hair and fine particles very well. Additionally, these cloths provide a gentle scrubbing to the floor that the disposables lack.

Mop head – A wide mop head will allow you to clean a larger space and a narrow one will offer you with more maneuverability. So, point is to choose wisely but go for a mop that has a swivel head.

Benefits Of Using These Mops

Vacuuming and sweeping your floor will keep it clean, but you will ultimately have to resort to mopping. This process will add shine to your laminate and also keep it in good condition for years to come. Selecting the right cleaning products will make sure that the top film remains safe.

Below are a few more suggestions that will tell you why mops are good for laminate floors in general.

  • Using microfiber mop head will help you remove the finest of dust particles
  • Mopping will make certain your floor has no dirt left behind that may scratch your floor
  • The biggest reason of using a mop would be, that of saving your back
  • In fact, reusable mops can bring you value for money
  • They are eco friendly owing to their reusable property
  • Mopping guarantees no dirt build up, which is good for your or any floor

How To Use

The first thing that you need to do as part of preparing yourself for mopping your laminate is to sweep the area in advance. That is correct, as sweeping the floor before mopping will ensure that there are no bleak particles left on the surface which may scratch your floor further.

This step is a must and we will advise you not to skip whenever you decide to mop your house. Then you can take the following measures while mopping your laminate floor:

Remove obstructions – Like furniture, shoes or rugs and then mop the floor.

Do as instructed – Read the instructions of the cleaning agent and then concoct the right composition.

Use cleaning agent – Mix a cleaning agent of your choice with water that is especially designed for your floor type.

Submerge the mop – Dip the mop and wring it before you hit the floor.

Get ready – Lift the mop, let it drip and then give it a gentle squeeze.

Start mopping – Then start mopping the floor in sections.

Extra mop – Always keep a secondary mop handy to follow up after a damp mopping

The Top Floor Mop for Laminate Reviews

We have compiled a list of the Best Mop For Laminate Floors that you can read through to get a fair idea of things.

The 18″ Professional Microfiber Mop makes cleaning look like a piece of cake. You will no more be bored of mopping your precious floors with this mop around. This mop is good for home or office use as it gives a professional finish with its broad mop heads. These can effectively clean your laminate floors and make you a proud of your investment for sure. Here is a small discussion on what makes it a real good mop to feature on this list:


  • The handle is made of aluminum
  • This is a practical solution to your cleaning needs as the height of the handle is right for people of different heights
  • Its head can swivel 360 degrees
  • The interchangeable heads make it more economical
  • Plus the pads are put together with Velcro, which is may more convenient to use
  • You get 3 mop pads and 2 microfiber cloths for free with this kit
  • It picks up pet hair, dust and dirt immediately but with care
  • The microfiber cloths are washable in a machine, which means they are easy to maintain
  • These cloths can last for a long time owing to its high quality


  • You may need a little pressure for getting your job done
  • The Velcro could be a concern over months of use

If you like chemical free cleaning, then consider gifting you with this one. The microfiber technology makes it efficient and the scrub head makes it easy for you to scrape the dirt off the floor. It is an all surface mop that can clean like a beast by collecting debris in an effective way. Very handy for pet owners and rest assured you must be made aware that you may get addicted to its cleaning abilities. That is very true, but if you are convinced yet, then reading about the properties of this mop will certainly get you attracted to it without a doubt. So, keep reading if that interests you.


  • Comes with microfiber cloth that makes cleaning a breeze
  • Moreover, the microfiber pad makes a world of difference
  • Picks up dirt, grime, pet hair and hair quite easily
  • Owing to its broad mop head, it can clean a lot of space at once
  • Ideal for laminate floors as it does not leave back streaks
  • Can last you for years if taken care of
  • It can reach tight spots with ease because of its expedient head
  • The microfiber is machine washable up to 100 times, which makes it economical
  • Very affordable an option for home owners as well as office management


  • Suitable for damp and light mopping
  • The handle needs a little bit of working

Rubbermaid is a brand that has been catering to the cleaning industry for over 80 years now. The Newell Rubbermaid Inc. makes sure that you get the best from their manufacturing and nothing less. This is why they have designed this innovative Reveal Mop which is safe for all types of floors including laminate floors.

You can sweep, scrub and spray with this mop as per your requirement and continue with your cleaning. We have a product that can transform your cleaning routine at an instant.


  • Does not use batteries which makes it eco-friendly
  • It will not leave watermarks on the floor which is why it is considered the perfect choice for laminate owners
  • Has a swivel head which means accessing hard to reach places becomes a cake walk
  • The microfiber cloth is machine washable up to 100x, that makes it easy on the pocket
  • It picks up 50% more dirt and dust in comparison to traditional mops
  • It is both, durable and lightweight
  • You can spray clean using a pump (triggering) for cleaning stubborn marks
  • Has built in scrubbing facility that most definitely makes your cleaning powerful
  • It saves you time and effort because of its advanced technology


  • The microfiber cloth does not work if it gets dripping wet
  • Uses pump technology which could have better using batteries or electricity

Let’s just say; you’re missing out on a really great mop for all those laminate floors you have. Dare I say, the best. And why is that? Hapinnex answers all your doubts with “their pads.”

Yes, only one purchase and you have four pads, which help you utilize the most out of their mop when it comes to clean those laminate floors. Another interesting thing about these mops is that you can use both of the sides. Whether you’re in the mood for some light cleaning or fancy some heavy-duty jobs, the mops have got your back!

There are two pads explicitly designed for heavy-duty cleaning jobs, so you don’t ever have to worry about those little stubborn and annoying stains. The other two are for when the floors feel good and give you a lighter workload. Also, not only they work wonders on laminate floors, hardwood or tile aren’t so far behind.

However, the overall product can seem a bit lightweight, and some have complained that it doesn’t give the solid feeling that they were looking for. For other users, they like the way it feels as it gives them total control over the maneuvering.


  • Hapinnex packed four more spare pads in the package so you don’t have to worry about running out of those anytime soon
  • The product is lightweight enough for you to carry around all day in your house
  • The price is reasonable


  • There’s no lock on the mops, therefore sometimes with great pressure, the mops can flop

We are aware of informing you that you should avoid steam mops for cleaning your laminate floors. Still we bring you the BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop which you may think kind of goes much against what we are preaching here.

However, this is not the case because technically you can use steam mops for laminate floors only with care. You must run a check on the side of the floor to see how your laminate responds to steam. If it discolors or curls, then you must stop at once, otherwise, it is our choice and risk to use steam mops for cleaning laminate floors. The BISSELL 1940 works twice as fast as other steam mops.


  • Can eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria
  • The SmartSet digital facility comes with steam control system
  • Can clean sticky, grimy and even dried on clutter with built in microfiber mop
  • Easy to carry and move around
  • Leaves no residue on the floor
  • No need of using chemicals in the tank as simple tap or filtered water can do the trick
  • It has a sanitizing effect on the floor
  • Backed by 2 years warranty which makes it an authentic product


  • You must apply care while working with steam as the foot press down can burn your toe
  • The microfiber pad pulls in together while working at times


There are a few more pointers that may help you understand your laminate floor. You may have found the Best Mop For Laminate Floors, but this conversation will enlighten you about how to take care of your laminate in the best possible ways.

  • The first thing would be to ensure that you are using the right cleaning products
  • Prevent using too much of cleaning agents
  • Do not use too much water on your laminate floors
  • Avoid string mops as they create water puddles that may damage your floor
  • Do not bleach your laminate floors
  • Keep your floor clean always if you don’t want the grime to scratch your beloved laminate

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