The Best Spin Mop Of 2022 – Reviews and Top Picks

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Are you a cleanliness freak? We are and that actually keeps us on our toes, as we constantly are looking for the effective ways of cleaning. We know efficient cleaning will not get you tired, which is why we prefer over other methods. Plus, we need to make sure that the cleaning procedure you are investing in is secured.

We have found all these properties in one kind of cleaning; that of the spin mops. This is why we have dedicated this post to the best spin mop that would ever come across. Do read this post till the end to know more.

We know finding the best spin mop could be a daunting task for you. This is why we have laid down the basic features that you should seek while buying a spin mop.

Floor Type – This is the first thing that you should consider, because you are using a mop to clean your floor and not to damage it. So, you must choose a spin mop according to the flooring you have installed. This will make it easy for you to decide as well.

Price – A spin mop can cost you as low as $30 and can shoot up to hundreds of dollars (with complex mechanisms). You need to be practical when you go out to purchase because you will be mopping almost every day. Think about it!

Fabric – The mop head makes a lot of difference and you must go for the microfiber mops that have become known for all the right reasons. That is correct, these mops are cost effective and they make your life easy. Try them out!

User Friendliness – You are investing in a modern mop because you want to save your back and your health. That means, the mop should be easy to use with adjustable height, the bucket can be accompanied by wheels and must have a swivel head to help you clean better.


Spin mops are fun to work with if you really like cleaning, that is, because the bucket makes it a wonder product every time you dip the mop into it. That is very true, as the spinning motion reminds you of a merry-go-round and amuses you.

On a serious note, it makes you thank science and technology to have proven so beneficial to us for our daily lives additionally. Here are some of the benefits that you can count on, when considering a spin mop:

  • You do not have to use hands to wring the mop every time you dip it into the bucket
  • They are self cleaning mops and that means no more dirty hands
  • This certainly helps you save water and cleaning agent at the same time, as you can use these resources judiciously
  • The mops heads are reusable and washable in general that makes them valuable
  • You do not have to wait for the floor to dry while using a spin mop
  • You get a variety of mops in the market to choose from these days

As we discuss the mops in details in the review section, you will get to see more about them. Stay tuned for them!

Way To Use?

Different spin mops come with different instructions, but their basics remain to be the same. This is why we recommend, you to learn the tactics by reading our tips and if possible watch a few videos as well.

  • Fill the bucket with water, as much as you think is required, if you change it often during cleaning
  • Add your cleaning agent according to your floor type
  • Dunk the mop into the water
  • Then take it to the spin section
  • You may have a foot pedal or handle pump to start the spinning (do as directed)
  • Keep mopping your floor and repeat the process if you think you need to rinse the mop or even change the water

Look this is no rocket science and you cannot be guided about this specifically, as you know your space better. However, we have tried to explain you the essential part in this segment.

Top 5 Reviews

Here is a collection of the best spin mop that you can pick from.

Okay, O-Cedar is a name that has catered the cleaning industry for over 100 years now. A brand like that never fails and true is the case with the O-Cedar EasyWring spin mop too. To start with, this mop helps you with hands free wringing like another spin mop.

Nonetheless, it must be added that it is super easy to spin and work your way. You can use it both for dry as well as wet cleaning and it is suitable for all kinds of floors. What more can you expect out of a mop? Don’t worry there is more to this mop.


  • First off, this is a really attractive spin mop
  • It can deep clean because of the microfiber mop head, which can absorb more dust, dirt and grime
  • It is washable, yes even in the machine and this makes it worthwhile
  • The bucket comes with a splash guard and has a spray system inside that saves you from additional spills
  • What sweetens the deal for you is that its refills are available quite easily
  • You may need a refill once every 3 to 6 months or depending on your use
  • The mop head can swivel 360 degrees, which makes it easy to maneuver
  • This means it leaves no blind spots at all


  • If you are careful, the wringer may break over time
  • The handle has to be worked on, as it is too short

Ever since the invention of spin mops, they have tried their best to spare us a good amount of pain, and we will always be thankful for that. But, that doesn’t mean spin mops wouldn’t come with drawbacks, particularly with how you can carry it around the house. The issue isn’t exactly with the mop itself, rather the bucket holding the water. If anyone has used it, you know how hard it is to lug around that heavy filled-with-water bucket and struggle to keep the water from splashing all over your just-cleaned floors.

Mopping is hard enough without cleaning up the mess left behind due to when you move the bucket, and all the water goes sloshing out. It seems like even the bucket wants you to work more, and that’s not a good feeling. That’s why Hapinnex remembers to put in the wheels at the bottom, and don’t worry; it won’t leave any marks behind on your laminate floors. Also, they have gone further and installed a “max line” inside the bucket, telling you how much water is enough!

Anyway, this system works best in a small to medium space, because the mop head is not big enough.


  • User-friendly
  • Durable bucket
  • Water splashing-proof
  • The handle is comfortable for users of different heights
  • The product is lightweight, easy to carry around


  • Can’t manage larger floors well
  • The bucket is small, so it can’t hold a lot of water

Hapinnex has a reputation for swooping in and taking the burden off our back for some time now. With this model, they certainly didn’t disappoint.

This is a resourceful cleaning system that assists you with mopping and makes your life 100% easier. It is good hardwood, laminate, concrete and tile floors in general. However, you can use it innovatively to achieve the pinnacle of your cleaning.

Additionally, it has to be mentioned that the mop heads are washable, which translates it into a productive cleaning weapon. You can save time and effort while cleaning with Mopnado Stainless Steel spin mop. Have a look at it in details.


  • The mop head has patented plates that makes rinsing very easy
  • The mop can be extended from 47 inches to 56 inches, which is like a lot for cleaning
  • This is why you can clean windows as well with this wonder product
  • The bucket has two large wheels that adds to portability
  • The dry basket is made from stainless steel and not from cheap plastic or aluminum
  • The handle is also made from stainless steel and that implies it is durable enough
  • It is backed by 1 year warranty by the manufacturer, which is a sign of authenticity
  • Has a built soap dispenser that turns out to be yet another remarkable feature


  • It is indeed a good spin mop, but what adds to your predicament is the heaviness of the mop
  • Another thing that we would like to point out here is that of it being very expensive

If you are thinking of different kind of floorings like veneer, tile, laminate, ceramic and hardwood, then you must be informed that Hurricane 360 Spin Mop is the name you should stop by.

This mop is no less than any other branded mop and in reality, can offer you more. It has revolutionary spinning that can sweep, mop and even polish your floors. The bucket used patented centrifugal technology for spinning that can clean your floor like a maid. Want to know more about it; then just read this next section with attention.


  • It is a very durable mop owing to its alloy construction
  • It is light in weight and that should be look into, as this is a rare to find quality in spin mops
  • Yes, it is easy to assemble and you will not face much of a trouble installing it
  • The mop head swivels 360 degrees and can pivot to some extent that suggests cleaning under the furniture becomes stress free
  • The bucket carries just the right amount of water for cleaning and does not waste too much of it
  • It is so easy to maneuver with it that even kids can use it
  • The mop heads can be washed for at least 300 times
  • The microfiber mop can soak 10x its weight and that suggests it can clean without creating a film on your floor


  • The bucket spinner seems to be difficult to work with
  • The handle too needs to be worked up on

We all have to agree that the one tricky thing about spin mops if that they can never last as long as we expected. And once they break down (even just one or two parts), it becomes hard for you to find the motivation to go on cleaning. Cleaning is tiring enough without having to put more pressure on shoulders, back, and arms due to the malfunction of a tool.

However, LINKYO is about to completely blow your mind with their spin mop. Its handle is appropriately put in, which ensures durability, so your mop can last longer than most.

Not to mention, the amount of water the bucket can hold is surprising; you won’t need to go back and forth to the bathroom just to get more water. No more splashing water all over the floor you just finish cleaning while carrying the bucket around countless times.

But, the whole set can take up quite a space in your house. So before making the decision to purchase the product, make sure you have enough room to store it.


  • Durable material (both the handle and bucket are stainless steel; which has proven to be extremely sturdy and reliable)
  • The handle can extend to fit the user’s height
  • Big size bucket
  • LINKYO offers a 2-year warranty


  • Can have storage issue if you don’t have a lot of room in the house

This mop will be the ultimate one you have ever desired about. It all comes down to “It’s worth it!”.


Never walk on a wet floor (like right after mopping), this will mar the shiny finish. You don’t want ugly foot marks on freshly cleaned floors for sure. Hence, even after cleaning your floor with the best spin mop, you must ensure walking on it after it dries up. Keep pets and children away from the area for the time being, as there is no need to explain you the consequences.

Let them in, once the floor dries up and is ready for walking. Another point that needs to be clarified here is that of changing your mop heads once a while. If you notice signs of wearing out, then you must replace them at once. Hope you have liked our endeavor and we wish you all the best finding the most suitable mop for your floor. Do let us know about your experience, through the comments section and share it with the community too!


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