The Best Mop For Vinyl Floors – Ultimate Buying Guide

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Are you a proud owner of a vinyl floor? Then you must be worried about how to maintain in the long run. Worry no more, as we are here to help you with this. How, can we do that? You need to read this read if you that interests you so much.

However, we should begin by saying that you will be glad to know that vinyl needs less maintenance. This is why we have dedicated this post to the Best Mop For Vinyl Floors. Keep reading until the end to know more about the mops that can make a difference.

If you want sparkly vinyl floors, then you must clean them everyday. Makes this your habit and you will never regret it. For now, you may be thinking about how to select the Best Mop For Vinyl Floors, then read this section with care.

Budget – Yes, your budget tells it all and you must be practical enough while fixing it.There is no need to go overboard if you know what you want from your mop. You could get a mop at a moderate price that could do all that you want. Think about it.

Non Abrasive – Make sure that you do not fall for anything that can scratch your vinyl flooring. The mop should not have anything like steel or anything that could damage your vinyl.

Functional – Your mop may or may not, have a lot features, but it must be functional. That means; it should prove to be useful when needed. It should be able to clean with precision with or without electricity.

The Advantages & Benefits

It is true that vinyl does not need much of a care, but that does not mean you will not look after it all. Again, its low on preservation nature makes it popular with house owners. All you need is to simply mop it to make it serve you long and here are some more of the advantages that you can think of:

  • Your floor stays shiny and sparkly, like forever
  • You have to agree that some sections need more than just a sweep
  • If you think of high traffic areas, you will cringe right away if you never mopped it once a day at least
  • Well purchasing a mop is the minimum that you could do for your floor
  • If yours is an office, then you must be thinking of impressing clients and customers alike with a mirror shine floor
  • Mops, these days are sturdy and nothing like the traditional ones
  • You get microfiber mops that can be used for wet as well dry mopping
  • These mops come with a lot of features and they tend to do you justice
  • You can save on utility bills with some and most provide you with health relief (no backaches and arm pains)

Tips & Best Way To Use

True that vinyl can withstand a lot of abuse, but owners should not sit in peace because of that. A vinyl floor owner needs to be aware of some basic cleaning of these floor to help them last long. Here are some tips of using mops in the best ways:

  • Make sure that you clean up spills immediately, if you do not want your floor to be stained
  • You must sweep or dry vacuum the area before you run a mop
  • You must spend your money in vinyl cleansers that are readily availablein the market
  • Use apple cider vinegar (to hot water) over vinegar (as it will leave a film) while cleaning your vinyl
  • Apply rubbing alcohol on stubborn stains made by crayons and lipstick
  • Mopping frequently with hot water will keep your vinyl spotless
  • Take preventative care to protect your vinyl (like placing rugs at entrances)

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Top 5 Best Vinyl Floor Mop Reviews

We have curated a list of the Best Mop For Vinyl Floors for you, have a look:

As you probably already knew, when it comes to vinyl floors, the number one enemy is dust. And once it sets in those gaps, it will take enormous restraint not to flip out when you can’t get it out, by every means possible.

Entering this impressive mop, looking at it, you might think it’s just an ordinary mop from an average brand waiting to take your money and can’t even keep their promises. You would be wrong! JINCLEAN has been in the industry for a long while now, and they indeed prioritized their integrity. They said they could do it that means they will deliver.

Now, take another look at the cleaning pad they install in the mop, that one not only can function both sides. One side with microfiber to ensure no stretch marks are leaving behind after cleaning. The other one made with super-absorbent materials which do the main job deep-cleaning for you and will soak up every bit of the dirt effortlessly. Also, you can machine-wash them without worry about damaging anything!

However, there have been some complaints about the feeling while grabbing the handle, as it’s “loosely.” Some found it can release the burden on your shoulders; some said it just wasn’t sturdy enough.


  • Sufficient in any types house-cleaning, whichever the surfaces are
  • Made by long-lasting, durable and machine-washable materials
  • Offer two kinds of mop heads for any jobs


  • The mop head can become loose when knocking into obstacles
  • Should not wash with whites

You want the best; we give you the best. Pass up on this one; then it would only be your lost!

A Rubbermaid will never forget to live up to its expectations. The Rubbermaid Reveal is no exception to that oath. In fact, mention has to be made about an 80 year company and its efforts here. They have led the cleaning industry from the front and have never failed while doing that.

This mop is just another example of how this company helps you save more and waste less. You can add your own cleaning solution without having to buy anything from the market because Rubbermaid does not compel you to purchase one. Here is more on that:


  • This is a gorgeous mop that will breathe fresh air into your cleaning supplies
  • It can be used to clean vinyl, hardwood, tile and laminate to name some
  • This is a lightweight mop that makes smooth cleaning possible in reality
  • It can clean 50% more than any other traditional mop
  • The mop has a durable construction that certainly is another reasons of its popularity
  • It has a bottle dispenser with a capacity of 22 ounces, which is refillable
  • The mop head is washable up to 100 times, that adds up to its cost effectiveness
  • It is a manual mop and does not need batteries for running


  • The swiveling mop head needs a little work and manufacturer must take this consideration
  • The handle of the mop needs to be upgraded

Let’s all just admit one fact that cleaning mops are easily broken, at least with those cheap-quality ones which we used and currently counted back in our heads. Little do you know, the cleaning equipment industry has stepped up big time with a lot of long-lasting offerings nowadays. And, this model is proudly one of those.

Not to mention the extendable handle, which lengthens up to 70”. Can you believe it, 70”? You really don’t have to say it because your back has already thanked LINKYO. No more reaching whether on your toes or standing on a ladder, no more bending so low, you could feel your back cracking. None of that, ever again! *I’m not crying; you are*

Besides this mop provides you with two options: wet mopping and dust mopping, so it basically is an all-around product. You can use it with your vinyl floors or any other kinds of floors that need wet mopping. So, no need to swing for two mops! Yay!

But, keep a small note in mind that this model can be incredibly versatile, the wet mopping feature has reported not as effective as its sibling feature. As the mop head design is a pad, so you can’t squeeze out water like a traditional spin mop. Therefore, your floor can risk being too wet and causing streaking. Still, our priority here is your vinyl floor, so, this feature might not be of your concern.


  • LINKYO offers a 2-year warranty which shows a lot of confidence in their product or their customer service
  • Rotating mop head which gives the user full control over maneuvering


  • The extension in the handle doesn’t give out the feel as tough as the handle itself

If you want a mop that will stay with you for a long time and offer many useful features, this one will do the job quite nicely!

For those of you that need a simple mop and nothing more, this could be the one for you. True that, because all it promises you is to dry or wet mop your floor. You could use this for linoleum, Pergo, laminate, hardwood and vinyl.

So, you see the variety of floors it can mopand that determines itto be quite a prevalent thing. It renders a clean floor without leaving marks on them. More or less it can access hard to reach places like under the furniture with ease. If this interests, then read this part with care:


  • This has nothing extravagant about it and is a minimalist mop that does what it can best mop
  • It can be extended to 60 inches at the maximum
  • This is a weightless mop which is easy to maneuver
  • It can clean narrow spaces like in between furniture very well
  • The smart design does not allow you to exert yourself too much, which indicates it will save your back and arms of hard slog
  • You can replace the heads and they are readily available everywhere


  • Since the size is larger than traditional mops, you could possibly face a storage issue with this mop
  • It camouflages dirt and debris thus collected while cleaning, as the blue side is the one that remains face down

If you are looking for uber cool mop, then the 3-in-1 Spray Mop could be your one stop solution. It is a product that could be best described as a meeting point between innovative design and technology. In other words, as they call it is a combination of “mop and cleaning solution” into one solitary tool.

You can use it for both dry and wet mopping. You do not have physical contact with the dirt and grime while cleaning your floors. Furthermore, this can be used for tile, hardwood and laminate apart from vinyl. Here is more on this:


  • You do not have to carry bucket for cleaning, as this mop comes with a 600 ml of bottle that can be triggered for water
  • This bundle comes with extra microfiber mop heads, window wipers and window pads
  • The mop is 3 feet in long, which is considered to be quite a good length
  • Made from durable material like aluminum and high grade plastic
  • This makes it light in weight also
  • The handle is ergonomically designed and can assist you press the spray bottle
  • This shows you are in control of your cleaning liquid as well


  • The instructions for assembling could be made easier
  • The manufacturer needs to work on the handle which is very short


One thing that we need to add here is that of keeping a rug or a doormat near the main entrance of you house. This way you will be able to protect your vinyl for longer and in a beneficial way. This will keep the dust and dirt away from your vinyl floors that people tend to carry along with them.

What we mean, you must get creative and use such measuresin order to secure your vinyl floors. Apart from this investing in quality cleaning supplies and finding the Best Mop For Vinyl Floors can make a lot of difference.

Of course, you must clean your floors on a regular basis, if you want them to sparkle all through. Imagine, one day you will be passing on a beautiful house to your progeny as legacy. You will be remembered for good and as someone with taste. That wouldn’t be bad, right!


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