A Through Guide To The Best Bathtub Cleaner

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Have you been looking for effective ways of cleaning your bathtub? If yes, then you have reached the right place today. Keep reading this post till the end to understand what needs to be done and how can you reap the benefits of this type of cleaning.

The key is to find the best bathtub cleaner in order to make the most of this clear out. Cleaning a bathtub may look like an elbow grease, but getting the right kind of bathtub cleaner is the most important thing here.

This is what we have discussed here and we are sure this will make your life easy. Have a look at this discussion and then decide it for yourself. We are sure this post will help you accomplish your goals.

If you have already thought about cleaning your bathtub, then read this section attentively. We have found a few pointers that will not only talk about the best bathtub cleaner, but also aid you to get close to the one you need.

We know finding the right one for could be overwhelming because of so many brands and products. This is where this conversation features in, as we have tried our best to directyou to the best products.

  • Pricing–We cannot help, but emphasize this fact that you need to put this before everything else while choosing a product. You must be very practical while choosing a cleaning product as you may need refills; provided you like it. Chances are high that you will, as you will be scrutinizing a lot prior to buying it. Hence, you need to focus on something that can be bought on a regular basis. This means there is no point wasting money on a fancy cleanerat all. Be practical and select a product.
  • Sustainability–With so many green products doing the rounds, you must pay attention to this part. Your product must be biodegradable and grey water friendly. This will keep the aquatic life safe and most definitely will keep your house protected as well. An eco-friendly cleaner will not contain harmful chemicals that can pose as a threat to babies and pets. So, this will keep your family secured from all the side effects.
  • Free of hazardous substances–Talking of green products brings us to this point of discussion, that of choosing a bathtub cleaner, which is free of anything dangerous. Chemicals like surfactants, formaldehyde, phosphates, phthalates, bleach, chlorine and ammonia. All these are nothing but an invitation to precarious agents. You don’t want your family to live such perilous conditions, which is why staying away from products that contain anything remotely this is a good idea.
  • Read the label–Look for the fine print and read it carefully, as all products must disclose their ingredients according to the law. Words like “Non-toxic” and “Natural” are not only the way to prove it. Do not give in to them blindly and read the print to take that call. The components must be clearly mentioned on the label and it is for you to decide which one you will go for.
  • Accreditation–If possible look for approval from governing bodies like EWG, EPA and even Leaping Bunny. These are marks of the product being a genuine one. Products marked with these signs are safe for use and are cruelty free.You can rely on products marked with such signs and you can consider that there is nothing better than them.

Benefits Of Using These Cleaners

If you want to keep a healthy bath environment, then cleaning your bathroom is a must. Everyone prefers to take a dip in a neat bathtub and you are no exception to it.If you still want to know about the benefits of keeping a clean bathtub, then here are some of them.

  • Damage proof–A dirty bathtub means there is a high chance of creating a huge impact on your plumbing system. You surely don’t want to do that to your precious bathtub. Think about it, replacing pipes and may be the whole bathtub later may wreck a lot of financial bearings. Following a regular cleaning routine can simply reduce the chances of these mishaps.
  • Expect better air quality–The truth is, if you are not investing in anything harmful; then there are high chances of keeping the air of your bathroom safe. That is correct, as there will be no buildup and you will be able to defend your bathtub and the air in your washroom against microbes. It will not only smell good, but will be healthy for you to breathe in there too.
  • Easy to use–Yes, you will find most of these cleaners to be user friendly provided you select the right products. This will make cleaning your bathtub an effortless task and you will enjoy doing so on a timely basis. The fact is, using an efficient cleaner is way better than using anything weak over and over. This aids you in cleaning your bathtub in an undemandingway and you can get the most of your cleaning as well.
  • Cost effective–As mentioned above, if you buy it within your budget, then you will most definitely make it rewarding for yourself.It would have taken time for you to discovera good product like that, but once you have it will make it worth your investment for sure.
  • Safe – A good biodegradable product is safe for the grey waters, aquatic life and most prominently your family. A good certified product is going to keep your family protected from the ill effects of risky fumes. Your children and pets remain safe and that unquestionablyseems more reassuring than anything else.Isn’t this something that you want?
  • Healthy home–Hands down, purchasing a non-toxic bathtub cleaner could be the best thing you can do for your home. You can preserve the health of your home this way and also make sure that you live in a sustainable surrounding. Nothing could be better than this without a doubt.

Speaking in terms of cleanliness, the best bathtub cleaner can take care of all this and more. All you have to do is to follow our instructions for this and you could easily keep your bathtub sparkling.

We have put hours of research into this because we wanted to assist you in a productive way. In fact, we have found you a few cleaners for you that can help you keep your tub spic and span. Why not consider reading further down and try them?

The 5 Bathtub Cleaners Reviews

Here is a list of the best bathtub cleaner that you can choose from.

We have start with a Mr. Clean product because we know that if we don’t then our readers will look for one. So, without wasting any more time we commence by saying that this is a 60 year old company we are talking about. It is owned by another giant, Proctor and Gamble that makes a lot of difference. This made it a trusted name ever since its inception and it has never looked back.

The fact that Magic Eraser is a great tool for all cleaning enthusiasts has made it very popular all over the globe. We have discussed all this in details in the next section. Do it read it with care.


  • You can clean a lot more than just your bathtub with the Magic Eraser, like windows, sink, tiles, grout and even your kitchen
  • All you need is to wet it, then squeeze and clean
  • It can fight grime, suds, water marks, finger prints, sediments and dirt for you
  • It can clean 3x better than any bleach available in the market
  • This Eraser is 30% larger than traditional sponges and that quite obviously helps you clean faster
  • Really makes your bathroom smell like a fresh meadow after rain
  • You can even subscribe to them in order to get some more benefits from Mr. Clean
  • Saves you time as it is a resourceful cleaning supply


  • This pad seems to disintegrate way faster than others in this category (but it depends on the kind of cleaning agents you use on them as well)

You may have trouble cleaning the walls with the Magic Eraser, as they are not flat

You got to invest in a multipurpose cleaner, as that will help you clean multiple surfaces. In the same way, the tub’s hardware needs to be given a thought too. Mention has to be made about the CLR Pro CL-4Pro that can give limescale, rust and calcium a hard time. That is right; this cleaner must be added to your daily dose of cleaning as it can fight gunk like no other agent can.

It can take care of your dishwashers, kitchen top, stove top, coffee maker, humidifiers, hard water stains, washroom and even commercial washing machines besides your bathtub. Doesn’t that sound great? There is more to this cleaning agent and you can find some of them here:


  • Use it to clean your shower and sink, only to notice the rust and water stains vanish within minutes
  • As it happens, the CLR Pro CL-4Pro has been patented for removing rust, calcium and lime
  • It works like a charm on porcelain bathtubs too
  • It is a non-toxic cleaner that can actually clean fiberglass, ceramic, stainless steel and glass as well
  • This is a plumbing safe cleaner, in case you are interested to know
  • The best part is that it is totally biodegradable and safe for septic tank
  • This means it is safe for the aquatic life and vegetation too
  • It has been certified by EPA and USDA that show how authentic the product is


  • This may smell little weird, as it is a cleaner and not a perfume, but yes, it can be unpleasant
  • Cleaning is hard work, however, choosing the right medium can make it easy, this is no different

The Oh Yuk Jetted Tub System Cleaner is the result of a hard work that has been conducted over 3 long years. The product was formulated for commercial cleaning,thatexplains the low on foam, fast cleaning capacity and lack of detrimental odor. In reality, you can observe it work within 15 minutes, which is a time saver!

This is why most tub owners find it to be a trusted product. It must be mentioned that a group of chemical formulators (professional) and PhD chemists designed have exclusively created this product.This was going to succeed for sure and has actually been a favorite with professionals as well as home owners alike. Find out more about the Oh Tuk in the following discourse.


  • Using this ensures that you get a safe, healthy and clean bathtub to sink into
  • Engineered scientifically and lab tested that implies it will work without a second thought
  • The black flakes will be eliminated within an instance and you will not have to worry about it anymore
  • It is not a bleach and is not even as dangerous as one
  • It is septic safe and you will not have to worry too much
  • If you want to clean your tub quickly, then this could be it
  • You must fill your tub with hot water before cleaning with this
  • You can wipe clean the tub after you are done


  • You need to use according to the guidelines or else it could give you a hard time
  • You may have to drain out the water by hand and that may seem to be a big problem

Are you fed up with the mold and mildew formation in your bathtub? Then your prayers have been answered by the Home Armor FG502 Instant Mold and Mildew Stain Remover. Okay, this has been formulated from a bleach based concoction and can actually attack mildew and mold whenever required. It starts working within seconds and you will be astonished to see the outcome.

You can clean your sink, kitchen, under the sink, walls, doors and practically can use it anywhere that pops up with mildew. This is a versatile cleaner which is a basic necessity if you live in a humid area. We can provide more insight on this, as we have recorded all of that in here.


  • It can clear off mildew and mold instantly owing to its power cleaning
  • It has the strength of a bleach and this can make cleaning easy
  • You do not need to scrub at all with this cleanser
  • It can add extra shine to the surface you are using it
  • It is very strong a product and you must be careful while cleaning with it
  • It is made in the United States, so, there is nothing much to think about it
  • It stops re-growth for 2 long months and you can live in the peace of your mind till then
  • This is a mold blocker that you can use for cleaning a bathtub and do a lot more with it


  • The strong smell can be a turn off for some people, but you can leave it sprayed for sometime before you set out to clean
  • The spray bottle is flimsy (but it depends on how you are using it)

If you want to have a blast while cleaning, then the Bar Keeper’s Friend is your forte. You must be told that this may need some cleaning, yet this is a great supply to keep at hand. You can clean bathtubs, sinks, kitchen tops, countertops, toilet bowls, chrome fixings and many more. This can prove to be a marvel if you have stainless steel settings.

Yes, but you must sure that you wear gloves and keep all the protection around while working with it. Other than that this is a fantastic cleaning agent to be found at home. We have provided more information about the Bar Keeper’s Friend in the forthcoming segment. We request you to read it and if you want to buy it by any chance, then this could prove to be of help.


  • The Bar Keeper’s Friend can cleanse and shine the surfaces you use it on
  • It can clean and polish at the same time and that makes the difference
  • It can help you remove rust from automobile, bumpers and even sidewalls
  • Is ideal for porcelain sinks, marble (imitation), glass-ceramic and fiberglass
  • You can even use it on pots and pans of stainless steel
  • You can use it on water severed metals as well
  • It is a gentle cleaner, even though not plant derived
  • It is effective as a cleaner and that matters a lot


  • May need a lot of scrubbing and if you are not in the mood, then cleaning could take long
  • The powder is very caustic and breathing it could be dangerous, so if possible cover your nose while working with it for safety reasons

Tips For Using

We make our bathtubs go through a lot while showering it everyday and there are no second thoughts about it. Imagine the buildup caused by hair products, mildew, mold, dead skin, soap, water sediments and scum. Neither would want to enjoy your bubble bath sitting in this filth nor would it any good to you. This is why, you need to wipe and scrub your bathtub in an efficient way.

Thankfully, we have found methods to restore vigor into them; we must clean them on a timely basis. Let us discuss a few of the best ways of using bathtub cleaners.

  • To start with, you can wash up the tub once before you apply the solution or you directly apply the cleaner and then begin with cleaning
  • If you are using a spray cleaner, then make sure that you spray the liquid and let it stand for 3 to 5 minutes
  • Also read the instructions of the manufacturer if any for best results
  • Again, reading the guidelines by the company ensures you the right way of doing things
  • Then scour the tub with a sponge or a microfiber cloth as per your choice
  • Remember abrasive pads can scratch the surface
  • Remove the unwanted mildew, mold and buildup by a bit of scrubbing
  • The darker corners may need little more effort, but it will be worth it
  • If you have tiles around the tub, then do scrub the grout carefully
  • Rinse thoroughly and use the showerhead (hand, as most bathtubs have one) for washing the cleaner off your tub

Taking a shower in a clean bathtub has a different feeling and if you know it, then you will never leave your tub dirty. Most bathtub owners are inclined towards cleanliness which is a good sign, because they tend to take a lot of care of their tub. So, there is a constant need of information in regards to cleaning products for bathtubs. This is exactly, we took this opportunity to compose this review.

In this line of conversation, we would request you to read our other posts on Best Toilet Cleaner as well.Then let us know how liked our hard work through the comments section. In fact, if you have more tips, do share it with the community here. We will really appreciate this of you, as you know, we believe in growing together.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Buy Cost Effective Bathtub Cleaners?

Ans. You can plan to buy these cleaners online, as most online retailers would usually offer you with additional discounts. You can wait for the time when they do, but you can always get a good bargain with these e-commerce dealers in comparison to any other.

What Kind of Products Should You Avoid?

Ans. Products that contain ammonia, surfactants, formaldehyde, and phthalates are best to be avoided for good. These are harmful chemicals that will bring you down with health issues.

How Abrasive Cleaners Hurt Your Bathtub?

Ans. These can make your bathtub wear and discolor it that together will add to premature aging. There is no need to explain that this will ruin it forever and you will be sorry for it.

Microfiber or Sponge, What is The Best Way?

Ans. The point is to choose something soft and avoid using anything abrasive. You don’t want to lose the finish of your bathtub for sure.As a result, opting for either sponge or a microfiber cloth could be the way for it.

Is The Label Important?

Ans. Albeit it is. As mentioned earlier, you must read into the label and it must give you all the ingredients for good. More or less, this is mandatory for all companies, so they cannot back off from this.

What Kind of Products to Avoid?

Ans. Products that signal you using words like “Caution,” “Warning,” “Corrosive” and “Poison” are best to be averted.


Look, we have talked about all the possible ways of finding the best bathtub cleaner. Nothing can be as relaxing as taking a bubble bathafter a hard day’s work. You surely don’t want to spoil your fun and relaxationtime by giving into dirt and grime.

So, what you do is invest in a good quality bathtub cleaner that can help you see through this. Be careful and get on with your search for top quality bathtub cleaners. We have provided all that you needed to know in this regards and we hope our endeavor has proven to be of assistance to you.


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