The Most Creative Ways On Washing Clothes Without Detergent

Needless to say, doing laundry is an essential part of our daily routine and washing detergent seems to be a must-have item in the washing process.

 However, there may be a time when you run out of detergent and a load of dirty clothes needs to be done. What should you do then? Run to the washing stores as a last resort? Don’t worry. Here we will show you numerous solutions to tackle this issue. 

Just keep scrolling through our article to figure out the best way on washing clothes without detergent. 


Is It Possible To Use Water Only When Washing Clothes Without Detergent? 

To some extent, the answer is yes; you can get the laundry done just with water solely. Some of your clothes may not be too dirty to get cleaned with detergent. They may get wet from the rain or get dusty after a hanging out trip, for instance. 

In those circumstances, water could wash away almost dirty components or bad odors on your clothes. Remember that water could somehow function as an alternative for detergent, but there is no guarantee that it could make your clothes completely fresh and clean. 

Moreover, water is an ideal washing option when camping. No need to bring detergent along; you could still enjoy the camping time with clean clothes by using water from the lake or river around. Thus, washing detergent is not a must at all times. 

In the long run, water is not a wise use in washing as it just helps the nearly clean clothes. What about the rest? For a second thought, you should still consider other ways to use instead and make your clothes as clean as possible.

Water only

What Are The Alternatives for Washing Detergent? 

As mentioned above, there is a great variety of substitutes for normal washing detergent. These substances may surprise you at first cause they are available in our daily living but its function is totally beyond your expectations. Let’s have a look at these amazing washing alternatives. 


When looking through your bathroom, shampoo is, honestly, the best laundry washing option to use. Yet, a major shortcoming we could see is that the shampoo could not work with the washing machine.

The suds emerging from the shampoo will get stuck on your clothes as they could not get out of the washing machine’s rinse cycle. As a result, washing by hand is required. This may be something that none of us expect. 

Getting dirt away from clothes is not a hard task but what about the oil? Amazingly, shampoo could do it. The harsh shampoo is not a good recommendation cause the more gentle your shampoo is, the easier it is to work with washing. 

As usual, fill your washing sink with water and pour a little bit of shampoo into. It is a misconception to use too much shampoo as it will not get your clothes cleaner. In contrast, it is just a waste of shampoo. 

After that, washing the clothes like you used to do with the washing detergent. 

Bar Soap

Scientifically, bar soap contains cleansing components that help to wash away the dirt and stains on your clothes. Thus, this could be a good choice for washing but just the small items. Large loads of clothes seem to be impossible to wash with just bar soap. Moreover, never use soaps containing oil to avoid unexpected problems with your laundry.

Dish Liquid 

In some situations, this substance is also a good detergent substitute you need to know. Still, washing by hand is required here. But this is an easy-to-do washing substance. 

Pouring a little amount of dish liquid on the sink filled with water. Afterward, wash your clothing, and you are done. What calls for special attention is that there is no bleach on this washing liquid so it is okay to wash your shirts together. This is a huge advantage of the washing method. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda is no longer strange to most of us as a great substance added to washing detergent to enhance its cleaning power. You could still use the solely baking soda to remove dirt and odors from your clothing without the detergent. Especially for the white laundry, this substance works as a great detergent in brightening your clothes’ colors. 

Besides, for those who don’t like the idea of washing your clothes by hand, this suggestion should not be missed. Add a little bit of baking soda in your washing machine, and the result would not let you down.


Another potential washing substance you should not miss is borax. Compared with the substances above, borax might be not that common in our house, but its effect will surely amaze you.

Borax has an admirable ability to remove even very strong odors from your laundry. Eventually, for those having baby kids at home, getting rid of the pee smell in the blankets is no longer a matter to concern.

Besides, borax does a great job of deep cleaning up your laundry. It could even help with soft hard water, which makes your work more effective. Consequently, borax is a perfect choice if you wish to fully make use of it.

>>Natural Products:

As we can see, we are relying too much on manufactured products, what about natural products?  Take a look at the following substances we are going to recommend to you.

Lemon Juice

According to popular belief, lemon juice contains a big source of citric acid which contributes to brightening the white clothing. Also, it works well in removing harsh stains and then makes your laundry anew.

Moreover, thanks to lemon juice, mold or mildew could be washed away easily without many efforts. Pour the lemon juice that you have already prepared beforehand onto the sink full of water.

Afterward, wait a little bit longer to make this substance deeply absorb into the fabric. If there are any harsh stains on your clothes, spread this substance directly on the dirty surface of your laundry to completely get rid of the dirt. 


Another organic substance we would like to recommend you is vinegar. It is so easy to find because it is always available somewhere in your kitchen. Or else, you could buy it at your near market or store. Vinegar works well with the washing machine so there is no need to spend time doing the laundry by hand. 

The mild acid of vinegar not only eats away the stains but also enhances the brightness of your clothing. Any strong odors could be removed easily away after a laundry cycle with vinegar. Thus, vinegar seems to be an excellent choice you should spare a thought for.

Is There Any Homemade Detergent?

Almost manufactured detergents consist of harmful substances that cause problems to your skin. Not just that, the environment could be affected as well. So what if we could make our detergent which is free of harmful chemicals? Go through our instructions and you will get the idea of how to make it.

First, use the hand grater to rasp the bar soap into small particles.  Make sure that the size of the soap is small enough to dissolve well with water.

Second, create a mixture containing prepared soaps, borax, and washing soda. Remember to wash the hand gloves in this step to avoid any unwanted skin problems.

Third, mix the combination well and add several drops of essential oils to enhance the sweet smell to your clothes. Stirring them well is a must.

Finally, pour the safe solution onto your laundry and wash them as usual. Now you are done.

Every day, for each laundry cycle, depending on the amount of laundry, you could add one or two tablespoons of this homemade substance to get clean and sweet-smelling clothes. This method is not only easy to do but also very affordable to all users. Especially, unlike other commercial detergents, this solution causes no harm to your fabric and you could use it in the long run.

What Are The Benefits Of Detergent Alternatives?

By ditching your manufactured detergents, there are quite many advantages you could see in the alternatives. Here are several typical ones:

  • Most of the alternatives have reasonable prices, and of course, much cheaper than the commercial detergents. Affordable as it is, you should not underestimate its use cause the detergent alternatives still work as effective washing agents.
  • In an emergency, this alternative seems to be the best choice. All ingredients are available at your home and you could use them right away and save your time as well. There is no need in visiting the supermarket to buy a new pack of detergent immediately. 
  • With the chemical-free detergent alternatives, you could protect your hand from some problems that are irritating for example. Also, it is safe for many fabrics and keeps your clothes to stay long.

In Conclusion

Now we guess you have found out some best detergent alternatives for your clothes. Each substance has its prior advantage but they are all excellent washing agents. Instead of the traditional commercial washing detergent, try on all substances above to get the most suitable washing substance for your laundry!

Washing clothes without detergent- No longer an infeasible task!

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