Is A Vacuum Cleaner Considered An Appliance? – A Detail Explanation

In this day and age, vacuum cleaners have appeared and started to become popular. And if you are still a traditionalist – a person who cleans every day with a regular broom, you might be wondering, “is A Vacuum Cleaner Considered An Appliance?”.

Then you want a short and straight-to-the-point answer. Here is it, let’s jump right into this article to know exactly what the reason is.

Is A Vacuum Cleaner Considered An Appliance? 

With the world’s development, especially in the technology segment, many useful devices have been invented to meet all human needs from minimum to maximum. In particular, vacuum cleaners are considered items that bring comfort and convenience for daily cleaning.

A vacuum cleaner is a small appliance

Before deciding whether a vacuum cleaner is an appliance or not, we need to know what counts as an appliance or what is an appliance? And here it comes! There are two factors to determine an appliance. 

First, an appliance is a device that helps us in our daily household functions, such as tidying, cooking, and entertaining. And the remaining factor is that these appliances are equipped in your house.

Normally, based on these devices’ sizes and functions, we can classify them into three categories – major appliances, small appliances and consumer electronics.

A major appliance is a big machine used for food preservation, washing, and cooking, such as washing machines and refrigerators. One main feature of this type is not portable. They are often considered fixed, and these devices are usually available if you rent a house with furniture. 

Unlike major appliances, the second types-small appliances are portable or semi-portable that you can move them to every part of your house. Examples include oven, blender, coffeemaker, cooker. 

The last type has different functions compared to the two types as mentioned above, consumer electronics are equipment that we use for entertainment and communication. Besides, these equipment are generally connected to the internet as its distinct feature. Products of this type include telephones, televisions, computers.

So back to the main question, “is a vacuum cleaner considered an appliance?”. In terms of function, the vacuum cleaner is used to clean the house. So it must be classified as one of two types – a major appliance or small appliance as the general functions of consumer electronics are for leisure. 

Moreover, we can move a vacuum cleaner around our house. Right! So, in a nutshell, it must be a small appliance. 

Why Vacuum Cleaners Are Indispensable Appliances?

It’s good that you’ve reached here, now you have known a vacuum cleaner is definitely an appliance, but not only that, cleaning your house with a vacuum cleaner has far more advantages when compared to traditional cleaning. 

Keep reading to know 3 reasons why a vacuum cleaner is a must-have appliance in your house.

A vacuum cleaner is a must-have appliance in your house

Save Your Money

Although a vacuum cleaner is expensive at first sight, you will find it worthwhile in the long run. Washing your carpet by hand will reduce its quality. After a few times, it will wear out quickly. By vacuuming, you will prevent the carpet fiber from dropping out and save up a lot of money for brushes, water, and detergent.

Besides, vacuuming makes your cleaning much easier, so you will not have to spend a huge amount of money on cleaning services. 

Improve Your Health

When sweeping, you are actually contaminating your indoor air. Why? Cleaning by brooms will make dust float in the atmosphere. That’s the reason why a large number of people tend to sneeze when sweeping. You can even breathe in harmful bacteria and allergens.

On the other hand, a vacuum will suck all the allergens and dirt will be absorbed. After that, the absorbed air will pass through a filter. 

As a result, the dirt is trapped and waits until you put it in the trash. So, remember to wear a mask and be careful when you clean the dust canister.

In other words, vacuuming not only cleans the floor but also cleans the air.


In the hustle and bustle cities, people work around the clock, especially for nine-to-five workers, so the little free time left will be for family and themself; literally, there is no time for tidying. 

The little time you get, you would like to use it for top priority, like playing with the children or assisting them with their studying. To achieve that, you need to reduce the tidying time as much as you can. Luckily, a vacuum could do a far better job than a broom.

Instead of spending time moving furniture and cleaning the whole thing, then rearranging everything like in the first place, with the vacuum cleaner, users only need to move the machine every corner to vacuum dust.

In the current market, we have automatic vacuums that can even clean in our absence. After setting it up, you will have a housekeeper who tidies your floor around the clock.

Robot vacuums can even clean in our absence

You don’t have to spend all day cleaning all these surfaces if you buy this awesome device. Besides, a vacuum cleaner is thorough, it’s able to deep clean carpets in a way that traditional cleaning will never achieve.

In A Nutshell

Is a vacuum cleaner considered an appliance? After reading this article, surely you have got the answer. Yes, a vacuum cleaner is a small appliance. 

Moreover, it has all factors to be an essential appliance in our home. Once you own this machine, your life will become easier, happier and healthier. Additionally, you will save up a lot of money and have more free time for your family.

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