How to Wash Adidas Alphabounce Shoes? Simple Instruction

Washing shoes is not hard when you know what cleaner to use and how to wash them correctly. In this blog, we will guide you on how to wash Adidas Alphabounce shoes while maintaining its quality, color, and shape. You will be surprised at how quick and effective these cleaning methods are. 

Now, let’s see how we can easily clean our shoes with the most common ingredients and cleaners. 


How to Wash Adidas Alphabounce Shoes? Simple Instruction

Method 1: Use Cleaning Kit

In case you have a cleaning kit made for Alphabounce shoes, you only need to follow the guided steps in the kit to clean them successfully. This is only the easiest way to clean dirty shoes, but if you do not want to buy a kit, you can use other cleaners below.

Method 2: Clean Dirt with Toothpaste

Step 1: Prepare

It would help if you had an old toothbrush and toothpaste for cleaning your shoes. Make sure you choose non-gel toothpaste over the gel ones. 

Step 2: Wet Your Shoes with Water

Wet the dirty areas of your shoes, then apply some toothpaste on them. Use a brush or an old toothbrush to rub the dirt off carefully. With insoles, your toothpaste will be pretty effective for them, but you need to clean them separately to get the best results. 

Leave the toothpaste there for around fifteen minutes. 

Step 3: Wash Your Shoes

You can now hand wash your shoes with detergent using Method 3 or put them in your washing machine.

Method 3: Wash Your Shoes with Detergent or Dishwasher

Step 1: Get Rid Of Sand, Soil, and Other Dirt 

Before washing your shoes, you should get rid of the dry dirt first. Take the insoles out, then turn your shoes upside down and pour the sand and soil inside. You can also use a brush to clean off mud and dirt on the soles. 

Step 2: Make the Cleaner

It’s up to you to use detergent or dishwasher for your shoes. Add some detergent for the dishwasher to water, stir them carefully until they all dissolve. 

Step 3: Clean Your Shoes

If your shoes have stains on their surfaces, you can use toothpaste as we showed in Method 2 first before cleaning them with this mixture. 

Now, put your shoes in the cleaning solution and start to rub it with a soft brush or toothbrush. You also need to take the insoles out and dip them in the solution instead of leaving them on the shoes. 

After around fifteen minutes, rub the whole shoes again until all the dirt is removed. 

Step 4: Wash Again with Water

Run water directly on your shoes and insoles, and rinse all the solution out of the shoes. 

Step 5: Dry Them

Squeeze the water out of your shoes, then hang them in the airy and shady areas. Even though direct sunlight can speed up the drying process, it is not advisable because strong lighting and stone heat can badly affect your shoes’ color and quality. 

Can I Wash My Alphabounce Shoes with a Washing Machine?

Yes, you can, but you need to follow some rules to ensure the quality and shape of your Alphabounce shoes are maintained. As you use a washing machine, detergent is the best cleaner to choose from. Here is the cleaning process if you decide to wash your shoe with a washing machine. 

Step 1: Put Your Shoes in Washing Bag

You need to put your shoes in the washing bag if you want to maintain their shape. When you do not use washing badly, your shoes’ shape might be affected by other clothes and by the machine itself.

Step 2: Pay Attention to Their Color

In case you want to wash your shoes with other clothes, you need to pay attention to the clothes’ color. We suggest you only wash your shoes alone or with the clothes that have the same color to maintain the shoes’ original color. For shoes with white or bring colors, please do not wash them with dark clothes. 

Step 3: Remove the Insoles

As you can wash your shoes with a washing machine, the insoles should be hand-washed, especially when dirty. The insoles can only clean well when you use brushes on them. 

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Step 4: Wash Your Shoes

Run the cold water in the washing machine, then add a reasonable amount of detergent in. Put your shoes in the machine, and wait for it to finish. 

Step 5: Properly Dry Them

Do not use a hairdryer on your shoes or put them in a dry after finishing washing. We recommend you hang your shoes in an air area without too much strong sunlight and let them dry naturally for the best results. 


How to wash Adidas Alphabounce shoes? By now, we think you already know the instructions with the information we provided. We hope with these easy step-by-step guides and clean your shoes easily and maintain their quality for as long as possible.


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