A Guide On How To Use Powder Laundry Detergent Effectively

It is crucial to correctly use the laundry detergent and add the right amount of detergent needed into the washing machine to get the best results from doing your laundry.

In this article, How to Use Powder Laundry Detergent, we will give you all you need to know about powder usage to do your laundry effectively.

Let’s get started!

Powder detergent is a great choice for doing your laundry

Dosing Guide for Powder Laundry Detergent

First thing first: Always check the dosing instruction for your detergent on the packaging! 

Many things could go wrong if you fail to dose your detergent right.

Too little detergent will result in poor cleaning clothes. In addition to that, dirt and hard water deposits could build up in your washer and damage the machine.

In contrast, using too much powder detergent is uneconomical and increases the risks of ‘over sudsing’ or poor rinsing of clothes. They could even lead to foaming in front loaders and spill out the soap bubbles, resulting in a huge, watery mess.

Dosing powder detergent correctly is extremely important

Just like how using little detergent could not get your clothes to be spotless, pouring in excessive detergent is also a no-no for your laundry.

There are lots of bad results that could come from outpouring detergent: The clothes become sticky and mushy and have terrible smelling, or the detergent also leaves traces of residue of the powder, or even dulls the fabric’s colour. 

Hence, following the instructions on the powder detergent’s package and choosing the right amount for your dirty clothes is so important for laundry doing.

Different washing machine types work differently

It is no secret that different types of washing machines will have other working mechanisms, and because of that fact, when doing laundry, you will need to use different detergent dosage methods for each one. 

Unlike liquids detergent that could be used for both types of fully automatic washers, it is better to use various powder detergent for the automatic washing machine. 

Whether it is a top-loader, front loader, or semi-automatic, there will be a suitable powder detergent that works best with it.

The drum size of the washer is also something that affects the dosing amount. Most machines on the market nowadays have bigger drums from 5 to 7kg. 

A bigger drum means bigger wash loads, which equals more dirt to deal with. So, to achieve the best result on every wash, you would need to pour more powder detergent on.

Dosing for Top Loaders

For top loaders, it is best to pour your powder detergent to the machine bowl or the center of the agitator for most standard washers. Only when your detergent had been added would you put the clothes in.

Dosing for Front Loaders

Before adding the laundry and starting the washer, you need to add the powder to the dispensing drawer inside the front loader.

How to Use Powder Laundry Detergent

Laundry Status

Moderate Dirty Clothes

If you have an automatic top loader, you will want to put in one and a half of powdered detergent. 

On the other hand, pour in one powdered detergent cup if your washer is an automatic front loader or semi-automatic washing machine. 

What about cases such as your washer suddenly crashing down when there is an important meeting coming soon, and your clothes are nowhere near clean?  

You could always try to wash them by hand! Although it could be a little more time consuming, the result will be just as good! 

Pour in two full cups of detergent – the same amount that is enough to clean a tub full of clothes in your washer – to where you would clean the laundry by hand. 

Extremely Dirty Clothes

Spending more detergent on extremely dirty clothes while doing your laundry is inevitable. 

If you have a front loader washing machine, pour in a cup and a half of powder detergent inside the tub. The same amount goes to the semi-automatic washers.

It is best for top loaders to use two full cups of powder detergent while dealing with severely dirty clothes. 

However, if you plan on hand washing the stubborn stains, you might need to use at least three full cups of powder detergent so that your laundry could be squeaky clean. This might not be the fastest washing method, but it is still necessary from time to time.

Important Factors

Laundry Amount

You need to keep in mind the amount of laundry you will be doing for the washing to be efficient. 

With top loaders, the dry dirty clothes’ level should not exceed the inner tub’s level. Overfilling your clothes could result in them not getting clean enough, or the machine will not work properly.   

The same goes with front-loading, make sure that you can still fit your palm into the drum’s top. If not, then take out some laundry until it does fit in.

Water Type

The water type of your area is one of the factors that affect how you should use the powder detergent.

The harder the water is, the more detergent you will need. Detergent and soap simply do not work well with hard water. When working with this type of water, most of the detergent you put in will end up softening the water instead of cleaning the clothes. 

Because of that, detergent and hot water are a match made in heaven. But more detergent means more residue. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Minerals like calcium and magnesium hinder water from mixing with detergent to form a solution to clean the clothes, resulting in fruitless washing . In the end, soap scum is all that is left behind.

Furthermore, detergent usually contains non environmentally friendly synthetic chemicals, so you’re contributing more to water pollution by using more of them.

Its impact may seem relatively small at first, but it would gradually add up over time. So it might be a good idea for you and your wallet to invest in a water softener for your home if you are dealing with hard water.

Fabric Type

Different fabric types need different treatments. Such items like bath towels, cotton bedding, or underwear could still come out of your washing machine looking all-new with normal powder detergent. But for the ones that are on the delicate side of garment and fabric like silk, lace, or wool, they need to apply appropriate detergent.

Using the wrong, harsh detergents with these types of fabric could make them discolored, fade, or in some cases, shrank!

When handling delicate clothing, use a mild powder detergent to gently clean them without accidentally damaging them.

It is always advisable to use the right setting on your washer for these delicate fabrics – such as gentle, hand-wash settings, etc.

Remember to always carefully follow the instructions on the fabric care label, and pick the best washing program for your laundry to have a good result every time!

After you have added your washing powder, add your dirty laundry and press start.


That was it for our article on How to Use Powder Laundry Detergent

Using powder laundry detergent for your clothes could look so simple at first glances, but it turns out there are still so many things that you need to keep in mind.

Doing laundry is one of the essential chores that most of us have to do.

So, to save the time, energy, and money for detergent, wouldn’t it be better if we could perform laundry cleaning correctly from the start? 

Follow what we have collected, and your clothes will be fresh and clean in no time!

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