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How to Keep Centipedes out of Bed: Safe Solution to Dispel Centipedes

In most regions and countries, centipedes are terrifying to most people with their hundreds of legs and the dangerous look. The worst nightmare you can think of is when a centipede crawls on your body when you are asleep. No one wants that, so let’s learn how to keep centipedes out of bed with easy solutions and tricks. 


With this blog’s information, we will show you the most common and effective way to get rid of and prevent centipedes from coming back to your house and bedroom. For now, let’s dive right into our main topic today!

What Attract Centipedes to Your Bed? 

There is nearly no coincidence that encourages this creature to come into your place; you should learn about the reasons for their appearance. 

The first reason is food. Centipedes and many types of bugs can smell food from a really far distance. As humans always have food around, they can smell it and visit to get that abundance of food resources. Besides human food, they might also drop by to eat the insects in your house. 

As carnivores, centipedes always search for smaller insects, such as ants, small flies, or even spiders. If your house is invaded by these insects, it might also attract centipedes. 

Another reason that they choose your house is because of the weather. When it gets colder, they find places with a warmer atmosphere and stay for a while. 

Since their habitats are dark and humid, they tend to find similar places in your home, such as the bathroom, the areas near the sink, the cracks, etc. 

In the next section, we will show you how to deal with them in certain situations. 

How to Keep Centipedes out of Bed – Safe and Effective Solutions

Use Air Dehumidifier in Your Bedroom

Centipedes love humidity and wet areas as they are their ideal habitats. Normally, centipedes are not fond of tidy and dry places because they do not have enough water for their bodies. 

So, one of the best things you can do to keep your house and bedroom safe from them is dehumidified your place and bedroom. If you have an air dehumidifier, great, this will be a powerful weapon to keep you safe from this hundred-legged creature. 

During the day and especially before you go to sleep, run the air dehumidifier to keep the air dry and clean. Besides the benefits of keeping the centipedes away, this machine can also protect your health and keep mold from growing in your space. 

Seal the Cracks on Your House and Bedroom

Have you ever tried to get rid of the centipedes, and suddenly, they crawl into the cracks on your house and disappear? Many people have been in this situation, and it is quite creepy as we do not know when they will go back outside again. 

Some of you might already know that most houses, especially the old ones, usually have many cracks. Not only centipedes but ants and cockroaches can live in those cracks. The best thing you should do here is to find all the cracks and seal them with cement.

Use a Bathroom Fan, Especially the Bathroom on Your Bedroom

Using a bathroom fan is another good reason, as the bathroom is one of the ideal environments for centipedes. No matter if there is a bathroom in your bedroom or not, you should install a fan there anyway, as centipedes can hide in your bathroom and might go out for food when you are sleeping. 

Keep Your House and Rooms Clean from All Other Insects

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, centipedes might come to your house because they want to hunt insects. So, even though you do not mind other insects in your home, you should try to keep them away so the centipedes will have less reason to stop by. 

One of the best ways to keep centipedes and many other insects away is keeping the house clean and growing insect-repelling plants. These plants normally have scents that we love but the insects hate. Mint, lavender, basil, and false indigo are some good plants to choose from. 

Use Insecticide

Using insecticide is a common solution that has been used for so many years. If you are tired of centipedes as they repeatedly come back, these options will be of great help. 

Even though insecticide works pretty fast, it is not healthy to constantly use this type of product. We do not suggest using this product right before sleep time with a closed-door because you will breathe the chemical particles. 

In case you choose to use this product anyway, make sure you do it safely and blow the smell of the chemical completely before closing your door and going to sleep. 

Hire Pest Control Services

Pest control services cost much more money than the other solutions, but the results will be worth every penny. Many pest control services also come back to check your house again if you still have the same problem. 

However, you should keep in mind that no matter how many times you spray, kill centipedes and pay for pest services, they will come back anyway if you do not resolve the reasons why they come to your house in the first place. 

Use Natural and Organic Ingredients

If you prefer preventing centipedes to killing them, then the natural techniques should be considered. Here are the three ingredients that work for real and really keep the centipedes away for good. We recommend you choose these ingredients because they will not negatively affect your health like the way commercial products with harmful chemicals do.  

Option 1: Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus essential oil not only keeps the centipedes away but also helps you keep your house safe from mosquitos and spiders. Besides this benefit, the scent of Eucalyptus will give you the feeling like you are in a spa as its smell is relaxing and fresh. 

To use this essential oil, you can mix it with water and burn it as a burner.

Option 2: Peppermint Essential Oil

Centipede hates peppermint. The smell of this essential oil is fresh and strong, and you can drop it near your beds, spread it on your sheet or pillow. 

Option 3: Cayenne Pepper

Unlike two other essential oils, cayenne pepper is a much stronger solution you can use against centipedes. You can sprinkle the powder of this pepper around your house or in some corner of your house. Sprinkling this powder in some corners of your bedroom is still fine if your space is big enough to keep you from smelling its harsh scent.

More Easy Tips to Keep Centipedes Away

To get the best results of keeping centipedes away from your bedroom, we suggest you consider these tricks besides using the solutions we offered above!

Remove and Get Rid of Unnecessary Organic Material or Debris

Centipedes love to hind in organic material such as tarpaulins, firewood, compost bins, or mulch. They come to those places to live, get food, and hunt. So, if you don’t need to put these things in your house or bedroom, consider moving them as far as possible. 

Adopt a Tidy Lifestyle

Centipedes and most insects do not like a tidy and clean home as they do not have food to eat. So, after applying the solutions mentioned above, do not forget to clean your house frequently enough and adopt a tidy lifestyle.

Centipedes are less likely to come by if your house is tidy and clean

Close All of the Entrance Points

Even after you close your house or bedrooms’ doors, some entrance points are still big enough for insects and centipedes to get inside easily. For that reason, ensure you choose the types of doors that are tightly fit on the wall. 

Do Not Leave Any Food for Them

When these creatures cannot find food in your place, they will gradually move without you trying to do anything. So, besides putting effort into getting rid of them, do not forget to leave no food for them to come back for. 

Last Opinion

Home centipedes are not deadly for humans, but they are scary and might bite you or harm your pets. To get rid of them in the long run, we should understand what they want in our place, then get rid of the sources. 

With many different solutions and tips on this blog, we guess you now know how to keep centipedes out of bed and your house. Remember that you should always combine the solving methods and the preventing methods to get the best results.

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