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How to Keep Ants Away from Bed – Most Widespread Method to Apply

Ants are always an obsession with women. They prevent you from having a good night’s sleep, causing many skin problems (such as burning skin from the ants). Simultaneously, you have tried many methods to destroy the ants, but it was not effective and cost a lot of money.

So hopefully, the article to keep ants away from bed below will provide you with effective methods to kill ants and help improve your sleep better.


How to Keep Ants Away From Bed: The Latest Methods

Some Useful Methods of Killing Ants 

Regularly Clean The Room

The primary purpose of this method is to eliminate all their food sources and shelter. You should always clean every day to ensure no food will accidentally stay in your room, which creates ideal conditions for ants to grow. 

Regular cleaning also makes ants lose their perfect food, shelter, and living conditions. Over time, the ant nests in your room will be destroyed and no longer left.

Use Natural Products

Sometimes, just cleaning isn’t enough. We can create products that destroy and repel ants from simple household materials. These ingredients are entirely environmentally friendly and safe for your health.


In fact, lemon juice does not kill ants. The ant repellent mechanism in lemons comes from the natural acid found in lemons and lemons’ smell. As mentioned above, when ants go for food, they leave behind their specific scent. The natural acid present in the lemon and the lemon’s smell destroys these odors. In other words, lemons have become a cheap natural ant repellant. Ants will not be able to trace the scent to find foods in your home.

Using lemons to repel ants is quite simple. You just need to put lemon juice in a spray bottle, then spray on ants and areas. Alternatively, you can soak a cotton ball in lemon juice placed in a place with ants or at the door to stop them.

A Mixture of Borax and Sugar

This method works like a poison to ants. You can easily find Borax in online shops or supermarkets across the country. This is a slow-acting substance, that is to kill ants slowly. 

It may take a while for the ants to release Borax and destroy all the ant populations in the room. And sugar is a useful source of attracting ants to bring them back to their nests and let Borax do its best.

All you need to do is mix Borax with sugar into a mixture. Then, add the mixture right into the ant’s path. In the end, just wait for the ant to come and let the mixture take effect. However, be careful not to leave this mixture where children and pets can be accidentally swallowed.

Powdered Sugar and Baking Soda

This method shares the same idea as a mixture of Borax and sugar but is safer. Sugar will still be the substance used to attract ants. Meanwhile, antacids will react with the Baking Soda and cause them to die. This mixture will also be released to the nest by ants and will slowly kill this population.

All you need to do is mix this mixture with water and place it in ants. Remember to do this again and again until the ant colony is completely destroyed


Vinegar is known to be an effective natural cleanser. But few people know that vinegar can also repel insects, including ants. You can use the vinegar to wipe on flat surfaces like countertops, countertops, and other hard surfaces. It is relatively safe for children and pets. However, a downside to using vinegar is that it can cause an unpleasant odor in your room.


While Mint cannot kill ants, it plays a perfect role as an effective repellent. Its active nature is almost like a natural insect repellent thanks to its spicy and strong smell that keeps ants out of your room.

There are many ways to use home silver. You can simply mix peppermint oil with water and spray it in places where ants go; pay attention to places with many grooves and holes. Then, you clean these areas again. This will help you remove all of their specific scents. Just make sure to do this multiple times to make sure the ants are all removed. You can also plant mint around your home that will have the same repellent effect.

Coffee Grounds

This is a reasonably popular ingredient that is easy to find everywhere. In particular, this method allows you to reuse the used coffee grounds, especially freshly brewed coffee baits, which are the most effective. This is also a great way to keep ants away from natural ingredients.

What you need to do is to scatter coffee grounds around indoors where ants are active. You can even spread it around your home, as long as you do this again after a rainy day. One thing to note for those who have pets should pay attention to them. Most dogs and cats do not like the smell of coffee, but maybe out of curiosity, they will taste and can be poisoned with caffeine.

Use Ants Kill Products

Sometimes, natural products won’t work in large colonies, so industrial ant killers can be an effective solution. These products come in a wide range of forms, ranging from powder to mix to ant sprays.

These products are toxic to ants, which will slowly kill the ants. At the same time, they will leave a poisonous layer that ants cannot pass through to kill ants for a long time. If you are concerned that many ant killers are harmful to your health, many products can kill ants but are very environmentally friendly.


How Do I Find Out Where Ants Are Invading?

Wet places like the bathroom or kitchen areas are where ants like best. You can use a flashlight to search frequently humid areas like under the refrigerator, microwave, sink, and dishwasher. At the same time, ants can enter from grooves, cracks behind the wall.

Can Salt Kill Ants?

The answer is yes. Mechanically, it will create a hypertonic environment, absorb all the surrounding moisture and ant moisture. This will kill the ants. However, using only salt won’t attract them. You need to mix it with sugar to create a mixture that will attract them.

Can Alcohol Kill Ants?

It depends on what kind of wine you use. The lighter alcohol you use, the more it will attract ants into your home. Only the use of heavy drinking with a high alcohol content will kill ants. However, this method is quite expensive and not worth using.

What Foods Are Capable Of Repelling Ants?

In addition to mints and lemons, many other foods can keep ants away. Anise, cinnamon, and chili are typical examples. The ants repellent mechanism of these foods is also the release of strong scents that help repel ants. Besides, they destroy the specific smell of ants, preventing them from coming back for food.

Can Bleach Destroy Ant Nests?

Bleach is a strong detergent, and it can kill almost all bacteria and viruses on the surface. Although it is possible to destroy a few ants directly contacted, it cannot beat the nest because there are so many connected tunnels that bleach cannot enter. So this is not the recommended effective ant removal method.


Ants are small, but they cause a lot of inconvenience to human life. Effective ant elimination is always a concern and takes a lot of everyone’s effort. Hopefully, the above measures can help you to know how to keep ants away from bed in the most effective and economical way for your family members. From there, your life becomes more comfortable.

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