How To Get Rid of Rotten Potato Smell From a Cabinet

As you know, potato is popularly used all over the world. This vegetable comes in many different sizes, large and small, for use in different recipes. Nowadays, many people want to store large quantities of potato in their homes because it is less likely to spoil at room temperature. 

However, potatoes also create a rotten smell if you put them in the kitchen cabinet or containers for a long time. Plus, you will have a hard time getting rid of the awful rotten potato smell as the longer it stays, the stronger it gets. This article will guide you on how to get rid of rotten potato smell from a cabinet.


How to Get Rid Of Rotten Potato Smell?

Sometimes, you place potatoes in the refrigerator for a long period, causing them to rot and release an unpleasant odor that you don’t know how to handle. Understanding this, here we will show you how to remove rotten potato smell. 

Discard Immediately

It won’t be easy to stand in a room with rotten potatoes! Remember, when handling rotten potatoes, you put them in a bag, cover them tightly, and throw them in the trash bin. 

The smell of rotten potatoes will disappear, but not entirely because it has seeped into other surfaces. In this case, you may have to clean the room.

Ensure Ventilation

You may not have noticed it, but adequate ventilation is important. When you notice a rotten potato smell, open all windows in the room and turn on the fans. Ventilation will help the rotten potato smell disappear faster. If the smell is too unpleasant, you can use a face mask while dealing with rotten vegetables.

Clean the Cabinet

If you keep rotten potatoes in the cupboard, you must remove all the contents of the cupboard. If food, vegetables, or organic matter are spoiled as well, you should discard them. 

To see if these organic items are spoiled or not, the easiest way is to smell them. If there is no unpleasant smell detected, it means you can still make use of the ingredients.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a popular method to eliminate odors, so you can use vinegar to make the stink go away. First, you need to create a vinegar and water mixture. Pay attention to the same amount of water and vinegar is 1:1 so that the vinegar is not too thin. 

Then, you apply the vinegar mixture to the smelling spots. Remember, vinegar also has a strong odor so that this smell can stay on your furniture for a while. 

Apply the mixture over the place and wipe it with a rag. You must let this mixture soak on the stain for 1-3 hours before giving it a thorough cleanup.

Or you can use this method – place white vinegar in a bowl and leave it in the cupboard for more than a week so that the white vinegar absorbs the smell of the rotten potatoes. 

If you have to keep the ingredients in the cupboard, put the liquid in a jar, leave it open, or poke a small hole in the lid to get rid of the odor.

Use Coffee Grounds

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If the above methods have not eliminated the smell of rotten potatoes, let’s give coffee ground a try and get ready to be amazed by its “magic.”

You fill a saucer of coffee baits. Then, put this coffee grounds dish in the cupboard so that it removes the rotten potato smell. In case you are unable to dish such grounds, you can either pour the grounds into the jar to open the lid to get rid of the smell. Coffee grounds have a strong smell so that they can eliminate the stench of potatoes. 

First, you fill a saucer of coffee grounds. Then, please put it in the cupboard or pour the grounds into a jar and open its lid to remove the rotten potato smell.

Alternatively, you can also place the coffee grounds in a cloth, paper towel, or any other absorbent material and place the grounds in the cupboard so that it absorbs the stench.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a popular and versatile ingredient that is easy to find and purchase at any store. 

First, you need to put baking soda in a container and keep it in the cabinet. Baking soda can absorb odors in the cabinet while preventing new odors from entering. This is a simple method that will help you eliminate many types of odors from your cabinett.

Note To You

Before you use one of the methods we’ve provided, a useful tip is to spray some deodorant or perfume in the cabinet. This method can be successful if the potatoes have rotted for a short time. 

Furthermore, these methods can be used to remove other odors, so you can apply them if your home smells bad. However, keep in mind that everything takes time as these methods cannot get rid of the odor in just a few minutes. You may have to wait 1-3 days for the rotten potato smell to go away.

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How to Prevent Future Rotting

You don’t mean to spoil your vegetables or potatoes, but sometimes this will happen. An easy way for you to prevent the rotten potato smell from forming is to take care of these vegetables more carefully. If you do not use them, please pay attention to their expiration date and learn how to preserve them properly for later use.

Moreover, it would be best to place the potato in dark, low-light, and cool places, like in the cabinets, to preserve it better. This helps the potatoes stay fresher longer and preserves the natural vitamin C found in them. 

Please don’t keep the potatoes in nylon or plastic bags; instead, you can put them in a bowl or paper bag. Be sure to keep potatoes away from other fruits and vegetables, as this will make them ripen more quickly and easily rot.

You can try all of the above methods to get rid of the odors caused by potatoes. A more practical way not to deal with the cleanup and smell of rotten potatoes is to take care of the vegetables and avoid rotting as soon as possible. 

In Sum

This article has shown you how to get rid of rotten potato smell in the cabinet. Not only is the smell of rotten potatoes unpleasant, but it can affect other food’s quality as well. So, you should use the methods that we have instructed, such as vinegar and Baking soda, to eliminate odors. These are common, easy-to-do, and effective ways. We hope you will be successful!!

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