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Find out Right Answer: How To Get Rid of Maggots in Garage

Maggots usually subsist in dirty places or rotten food, and it almost looks like a symbol of pollution. It’s no wonder people feel disgust when they remark on the maggots in their homes. 

Unfortunately, there are many ideal places for maggots to flourish in your own home, and your garage is one of them. Fear not! We will provide you with efficient tips on how to get rid of maggots in garage right now.

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What Is Maggot? 

Where was the last time you saw maggots?  Have you seen maggots in rotten food, dirty garbage, or animal carcass? 

Most people think that maggots are pests because they usually appear in unclean places and food, even rotten corpses and carcasses. They are disgusting organisms.  However, this animal also has many interesting facts.

First of all,  you need to know that maggots are larvae of flies. The life cycle of flies goes through four stages: egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. In the stage of larvae, maggots have a length of about 20mm and white color. The only duty of maggots in these 8 to 10 days is to eat and eat so much to quickly pupate. 

There is the fact that maggots bring so many benefits to our life although their appearance looks so nauseating. Maggots help disintegrate rotten things, and their enzymes help eliminate stinks. Surprisingly, maggots are also used in medicine, criminal investigations, and food processing for both humans and animals. Believe it or not, the maggot industry is growing more and more. 

How Maggots Appear In Your Garage?

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Flies lay eggs anywhere that has the source of food enough to feed their larvae. If you see maggots in your garage, it means that this place has food for them. The food source can be garbage, food crumbs that you accidentally drop, or even can be animal carrion in the garage. 

The high moisture and a lack of sunshine also create an ideal environment for the growth of maggots. 

On another note, do you see any fissures on the surface of the foundation? Some fissures and a swarm of maggots are signs that something unclean is existing underneath your foundation, right inside the cracks.

How To Get Rid Of Maggots In Garage

The sight of a herd of maggots crawling always makes people feel nauseous. Therefore, how to destroy them as quickly as possible is everyone’s top concern. Here are some effective ways to get rid of maggots from your garage

1. Boiling Water

Here is the most simple way to eliminate maggots. You just need to boil a pot of water and pour it slowly into the maggots. Then wait to collect the bodies of the poor maggots. 

You know, boiling water can annihilate so many creatures, including humans. Limit your genocide range, otherwise, your floor will become flooded with water and maggots. 

2. Salt

The popular spice in almost every kitchen helps to cook, pre-cook, sterilize, deodorize and now also helps us kill the maggots. Try sprinkling salt on the maggots and waiting for them to die. 

The salt will latch onto the maggots and cause the dehydration state that leads to death. That is why people usually soak food in saltwater to disinfect it.

 Do you need to watch if the salt is enough to kill the maggots? If not, sprinkle with salt more. If you want to be more effective, you can mix salt with lime. 

3. Hot Water And Motor Oil

Mix motor oil in hot water, then pour it on maggots. The heat in water will help the chemical ingredients in the oil to work stronger in killing maggots. Use this method when you are sure you can clean up its remnants.

4. Pet Shampoo And Vinegar 

You dissolve pet shampoo into the water in a 1:2 ratio and pour it into a plastic jar. Then add one part vinegar and one teaspoon of peppermint essential oil and shake well. 

Spray the mixture evenly on the maggot and use a damp cloth or wet paper towel to wipe off the remains after half an hour.

Permethrin ingredient in pet shampoo is considered a specific remedy for insects, and of course, it also is an enemy of maggots. Vinegar enhances the chemical effect and limits the bubbles of the shampoo. Essential oils help to remove unpleasant odors and leave a cool scent on the foundation. 

5. Bleach

You can either pour the bleach directly on the swarm of maggot or make a mixture like in section 4. Ingredients for this mixture are bleach, essential oils, vinegar, and carburetor cleaner. The performance and effect are the same as the above mixture.

6. Pesticide

Pesticides are used not only in the field but also in many families to kill insects. Of course, you can use this chemical to get rid of maggots in your garage. 

Feel free to spray or pour insecticide on the maggots, but make sure you can open the door and keep the garage airy to remove the reek of chemicals.

This method is quite effective. However, if your house has pets and they regularly go to the garage, you should weigh in because chemicals in pesticides can harm your pets.

7. Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is also a great choice. This earth is the sediment of fossil algae. Diatomaceous contains a high volume of silica, and people usually use them in many different fields such as medicine, beauty, and household use.

You just need to sprinkle this earth on the maggots. Diatomaceous will quickly cling to the skin and the skeleton of the maggots and kill them by dehydrating.

8. Insect Killer Spray

Insect killer spray is a popular and useful product category. This spray helps to dispel worries about insects and pathogens. You can also use this product to eliminate maggots. 

There are a lot of insect kill products in the market, but DFORCE aerosol is a bright candidate because of a quick kill and a long-lasting residual action. This spray also has a syringe attached to pump the solution down into small cracks. 

Here is the link to DFORCE aerosol. You can learn more about the product. 

9. Soap And Detergent 

Washing floors and trash is a common method to get rid of maggots. You can use fast running water to wash away the maggots, then scrub with soap and detergent. 

You should spray detergent into the trash and cover it. After that, start rubbing after waiting a while. This way, the maggots will die, and the stains will be cleaned faster.

Some Notes In Eliminating Maggots

No matter what method you use to get rid of the maggots, you have to ensure your safety. You should wear a comforter, wear quality gloves, keep your distance and wear protective clothing if possible. 

You will not be able to know what will happen to you, so be careful. Certain chemicals can cause allergies and skin corrosion if you do not wear gloves. 

You should not mix chemicals if you are not familiar with their chemical reactions.

How To Prevent Maggots From Appearing?

People usually say that prevention is better than cure. The best and the fastest way to get rid of maggots is to prevent their occurrence. Fly lays eggs where there are food sources for its larvae, so the best way to prevent them from appearing is to clean up the dwelling and dispose of garbage tidy. 

Flies don’t like fragrances, so you can also keep them away by spraying essential oils or spraying a room in your garage. From now on, your garage will be clean, airy, and smeared with favorite scents.

You know, cinnamons and cloves are also considered as carvings of flies. Therefore, place these two herbs in corners in your garage as well as in your home. You can also use aromatherapy as natural ingredients. Cinnamon and cloves also help in purifying the air and also have several health benefits.

In Conclusion

Although maggots benefit humans in many ways, their appearance in people’s living areas and especially in the garage is difficult to accept. Therefore, we hope that our 9 below ways can help you answer the question “how to get rid of maggots in garage?”. Besides, You also need to keep your shelter clean so that you can both keep maggots out and ensure your health. Good luck!


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