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How to Get Rid of Flies in Garage: Simple Methods

Flies can show up anytime and anywhere, especially when you do not keep your space clean enough. Even though many fly-removing products are available nowadays, we sometimes do not know what to use for the best results. In this article, we will show you how to get rid of flies in garage and prevent them from coming back. 


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How to Get Rid of Flies in Garage: Nine Most Effective Methods

Adopt a Tidy Lifestyle and Get Rid of the Source 

Instead of constantly dealing with the fly problem, you should learn about their source and get rid of it. When the source is removed, the flies will also disappear as they do not have food to eat. One of the most common reasons that make the flies come and stay are trash, food, and rotten leftovers. 

Are you the one who often leaves the trash in your garage for days? Or, do you have a pet that loves to pee or poop nearby or inside of your garage? These are the ideal reasons for the flies to come because they get food, water, and a place to procreate right in these dirty conditions. 

Before you do any further steps, make sure you try to find the source – the root of all the problems and get rid of them. 

Clean Your Garage and Nearby Areas Often Enough

Sometimes, it is not easy to find a source that attracts the flies to come. Therefore, cleaning your space frequently enough is an excellent choice to get rid of the flies. 

Even when the flies are still in your garage, they will fly away when you are cleaning. It would help if you kept in mind that flies do not like clean spaces because they do not have anything to eat and any place to lay eggs. 

While cleaning, pick the products that have senses that flies hate. Besides the floors, you should also clean off the wall and the ceiling, especially when they are pretty dirty. 

Not just your garage, it’s better to consider cleaning the nearby areas also. Some rotten fruit peels around your house or feces of your pets can attract the flies to come nearby and get in your garage.

Open Your Window and Blow the Flies Out

This is the easiest step you should do before using other fly-removing products in the next sections. Why? Only by opening the garage’s doors and windows (if any) you will be able to get rid of most of the flies. Sometimes, all of them will disappear. 

Should you want to get better results, use a big fan, open all the doors, and let the fan run for around five minutes or more. After five or ten minutes, if there are still some flies inside, check the next methods. 

Invest in Fly Traps

There are so many types of fly traps that you can find on the market, and they can work pretty well. Some of the most common traps are sticky traps, electrical traps, and light traps. Depending on your needs, you can choose affordable or higher-pricing traps. 

If you want a quick method that can get rid of flies fast and effortlessly, this method will work. However, we suggest you consider other methods listed in this article as they can keep the flies out of your garage for longer and prevent them from coming back or procreating more in the future.

Use a Fly Vacuuming

If you are tired of sticky flies traps, then a bug vacuum will help a lot. This machine is pretty useful for many kinds of bugs and flies. There are different types of bug vacuum; some will kill bugs, and some do not. Depending on your lifestyle, some products will give you a better feel than the others. 

If you do not want to kill animals, including pests, or do not want to deal with gross sticky traps with too many dead bugs, then you can search for a “kid-friendly vacuum.” 

Another reason why bug vacuums are great is that you can allow your kids to help you do the work and teach them a tidy lifestyle, too. The only problem with this technique is that it will be more expensive than any other method in this list. 

However, if you are about to buy a new vacuum anyway, consider buying a bug vacuum as it can bring you so much convenience in the long run. 

Check for Leaks 

Leaks and drains can be unavoidable, especially after using your pluggers, drains, and some other products for too long. Flies love leaks because if there is moisture and water, they can stay, live, and reproduce. 

If you have a basic understanding of how drains and machines work, you can check all the drains, refrigerators, and seals to ensure there are no leaks. In case you see the water leaked and flies around but do not understand them so much, we suggest you look for professional service.

Remove Them with Commercial Chemical Spray

Commercial spray is one of the easiest ways to kill and get rid of flies. Until this day, people still choose this long-term technique because these products are affordable and effective. 

Besides the pros, there are definitely some cons to mention. The chemicals in these commercial products are not healthy for human and animal health in any way. So if you constantly live or work near the garage, your kids often play nearby, or your pets often come inside, then we suggest you not use these products too often. 

Get Rid of Them Using Safe and Natural Spray

Unlike chemical spray, natural spray will do any harm to our health, and it can actually make our garage smell fresher. You can mix essential oil with hot water, pour the solution in a spraying bottle, shake it, and start spraying. 

If you do not have essential oil or do not want to use it because it might be a little bit expensive, then you can consider a cheap and available ingredient, such as ginger powder. 

To make ginger spray, you can mix a few tablespoons of ginger with around four cups of water. You can add more ginger or more water when you like. Shake the mixture carefully to form a solution, use a thin cloth to separate the ground ginger and the liquid, then pour it into a bottle. 

Now you can start spraying the flies. They hate the smell and will fly away, and you will not have to absorb any harmful chemical.

Use Herbs and Herbals

Herbs and herbals will add so many benefits to you. First, they will get rid of the flies (and many other bugs) as they hate the smells so much and cannot come near too long. Moreover, the scent of herbs and herbal can also make your garage smell better and fresher. 

There are many things you can do with herbs or herbals. If you can find dried herbs and herbals, you can buy them and hang them in the garage. Another option is to use an essential oil spreader. These options are healthy, natural, and will not cost you too much money. 

Some of the best smells for getting rid of flies are marigold, catnip, basil, bay leaves, and lavender. 

Tips for Preventing Flies Coming Back

To keep your space clean and free from flies, you need to focus not only on getting rid of the flies but also on preventing them from coming back in the future. Here are the simple things you can easily do that keep the flies away for good!

Tip #1: Allow Natural Sunlight and Air Getting Inside Often

Allowing natural sunlight and wind to get inside your garage is often a good way to get rid of them and prevent them from coming back because these little pests hate cleanliness, light, and fresh air. So, if you do not have to lock your garage doors when you are around, you should open them and let the heat come inside. 

Tip #2: Choose Higher Quality Trash Can/Bin with Tight-Fitting Lids

The flies come to a place when they smell food or a good living condition. As we know, a trash bin is an ideal place for flies to visit, and if the bin is not good enough, the flies will still smell it from far away even if the lid is closed. 

So, if you have been dealing with the presence of flies near and inside your trash bin, it might be time to upgrade a new trash bin with a tight-fitting lid. Moreover, you should also clean up the bin often enough to remove the dirt, rotten trash, and liquid inside the bin.

Trash bin with tight-fitting lids will prevent the flies from coming

Tip #3: Trim the Brushes

Brushes can attract the flies, also. Therefore, if you do not need to grow the plants nearby your garage, you can trim it and make it tidier so the flies will have fewer reasons to visit. 

Tip #4: Store Your Food Properly

Just by keeping your food in containers that have tight-fitting lids, you will be able to prevent the flies from being drawn to your food. If possible, we advise you to put the food in your fridge or a closed space. 

Tip #5: Turn off the Outdoor Lights at Night

Electrical lights attract flies, especially at night. So, if you do not have to turn on the outdoor lights, keep them turned off. 

Tip #6: Clean up Your Pet’s Feces

If you have a pet and they like to poop nearby your garage, make sure you remove it immediately. Besides the bad smell and dirtiness, the feces’ smell will also attract the flies to come, stand on, and spread the bacteria from the feces all around. 

Tip #7: Grow Fly-Repelling Plants

Instead of leaving unwanted brushes near your garage, it will be so much more beneficial if you plant fly-repelling plants instead. Some good plants to consider are lavender, basil, false indigo, and mint.

Last Option

Getting rid of flies might seem so simple as we have been doing it for thousands of years. However, it would be best to choose the best methods to protect your health and the environment. 

With many techniques mentioned in this article, we hope you already know how to get rid of flies in garage and will be able to pick the most suitable methods for yourself. Remember that you should always combine the fly-removing methods with the fly-preventing tips to get the best results.

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