How To Clean Sanuks: Step-by-step Guidance And Tips You Must Know

Sanuks is a well-known brand of sandals and shoes for its comfort and convenience in every specific condition. To serve various purposes like camping, surfing, and other outside activities, Sanuk always uses types of material that offers customers the best user experiences, such as suede and leather for manufacturing their signature slip-on.

Because of these fabrics, it appears a big con for customers on how to clean Sanuks. Sanuk offers users the best comfortable slip-on for outdoor activities, which then result in a high level of moisture. However, suede and fabric are far from the water-friendly material that is effortless to be damaged by aqua. Therefore, it’s a must that you should have some proper methods to clean your Sanuk.

Cleaning Sanuk is a little bit effort-consuming, but your shoes will last for years. Good shoes take you good places. Hence, I can state that the Sanuk slip-on is that kind of shoes, and it’s worth being carefully kept by its owner.

We’re honored to recommend you guys three methods for dry-cleaning the Sanuk shoes in the right way. You have to purchase some specific tools for special cleaning. I will clarify it in particular situations. What are you waiting for? Your Sanuk shoes already get dirty. Let’s scroll down to know how to clean Sanuks and make it shine again.

How To Clean Sanuks: Three Most Effective Ways

Method 1: Washing the Entire Sanuks

Step 1: Mix and match detergent

Mix the mild detergent and water with the proportion of 1:2 or 1:3 to create the soft cleaning liquid. You don’t want to use a hardcore remover because it may damage your Sanuk.

Please be cautious that: Do not use hot water for creating this mixture.

Step 2: Find a sponge or a rag to absorb it into the remover you’ve made. You have to dip it before squeezing it gently. Then, you use the sponge to remove dust, harsh stain, and smut out of your Sanuk before having them washed in the washing machine. 

Step 3: Use an old dry towel to wrap around your Sanuk shoes before placing them into the automatic washer. The movement of the agitator will be the riskiest factor that may harm your shoes. Also, when you wrap a pair of shoes together in the towel, it will prevent both shoes from becoming a messy tornado inside your washer.

Note: You don’t need to use hot water and hardcore cleaner to make sure your shoes are completely free of dirt. It would make your shoes out of use early if you use strong stains remover over and over. 

You have to gently wash it with cold water and a mild detergent such as shampoo, body wash, hand wash, and so on, excepting washing powder and liquid, bleach.

Step 4: Air-drying is king

Don’t place your Sanuk into the drying machine and let it do its work. Air-drying is the best method to dry everything, and so do Sanuk shoes.

Method 2: Taking Precautions

Shoe cleaners are various in the market. You may purchase one in the nearest store to apply this method. Here are the steps to follow after purchasing a shoe cleansing liquid.

Step 1: Use stain remover properly with your Sanuk

After purchasing the shoe remover, you shouldn’t apply it directly to your Sanuks right away. Apply a pump of removal liquid on a small spot on your shoes. You have to leave it for about two hours or more to test it, whether it damages the fabric or not. A visible result you can see is discoloration.

If there aren’t any bad results happening, you’re at half of the way to success.

Note: After you’re sure that type of cleaner is completely a safe color detergent, you will apply it on your Sanuk shoes as the handbook.

Step 2: Reduce smell from your Sanuk by applying some tips below:

+ Add some baby powder into your shoes the night before you use it.

+ Add some dryer sheet inside your Sanuk to help it absorb the comfortable odor.

+ Change your shoes every day. Don’t constantly wear one and only pair of shoes. It also renews your style and boosts your energy.

Step 3: Attention please, we won’t leave it in the dryer for whatever happens. Just let it dry by air. Make sure you have enough time to dry it or there will be an annoying smell stick with your Sanuk for the whole day.

Some Useful Tips If You’re Wearing Sanuk

  • Having a suede (leather) protector to avoid water.
  • Always having tissue or towel in your bag to clean dust and water whenever it appears on your shoes.
  • Store your Sanuk shoes in a cool dry place.
  • Purchase some specific brushes for cleansing suede and feather.

Farewell Words 

We hope our advice on how to clean Sanuks will help you to troubleshoot dirty shoes properly. We offer the most effective and easiest ways to clean two hard-to-clean fabrics to save your time and effort. Please take note of it to use our method right away you need. 

If you have any questions, leave a comment below. We are willing to answer to help you get rid of trouble.

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