How To Clean Rust Off Plastic: It Is Easier Than You Think

You probably think of throwing rust plastic items, right? Don’t worry, it is possible to save those oxidized objects. Once you learn how to remove rust, your items can get back to their initial appearance.

In this article, we would like to share three economical, fast-acting and convenient methods that you can apply right in your house to deal with the question of how to clean rust off plastic.


How to Clean Rust off Plastic

#1. Using Lemon Juice And Salt To Scrub Away Rust

Lemon and salt are definitely an easy way that you can try. These ingredients are nearly available in every household.

Moreover, their natural properties cause no harmful effect to your skin as well as your health. The combination of acidity in lemon juice and abrasion in salt helps to loosen and then totally eliminate rust on plastic.

First, sprinkle the affected surface with salt, squeeze the juice over the salty surface and wait for thirteen minutes to two hours. After that amount of time, scrub it off with water and let it dry.

#2. Using Vinegar Bath

Another effective ingredient to clean rust off plastic is vinegar bath. As well as lemon juice, vinegar also has the presence of acid.

We can easily find many vinegar brands with different percentages of acid in the market. In fact, the more acidic the vinegar is, the higher rate of rust erasement it brings. The method of using vinegar to wipe rust out plastic is quite similar to the way of using lemon.

At the initial step, submerge the rust object in vinegar bath at least 30 minutes. If the object is quite large, you can spray vinegar over the area. An old toothbrush or nail brush can help it work well for scrubbing. Then, rinse the object off, and dry it thoroughly.

#3. Using Bleach

If you have difficulty in washing away stubborn rust stains, you can resort to bleach as an alternative option. Having experienced a long story since about the 18th century, undoubtedly, bleach is a powerful cleaner and disinfectant.

By using bleach properly, you can see its remarkable effectiveness especially in removing blemishes from plastic.

Just make a solution of bleach and water with the ratio of one tbsp of bleach per cup of water and let it sit for twenty or thirty minutes. Then clean the container with a moist cloth, rinse and dry.

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Finally, depending on the degree and the area of rust, you can choose the most suitable way to save time, money and to get the best results. We hope the methods mentioned above can help you know how to clean rust off plastic successfully.

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