How To Clean Glass Without Glass Cleaner Effectively

Knowing how to clean glass without glass cleaner is vital, especially when you’re not into chemical cleaning ingredients. The spotlessness of your house’s glass surfaces, like windows or mirrors, may have an immense effect on how nice and comfortable your home looks.

The fact is that you don’t need a Windex or any costly cleaning service. With straightforward non-toxic ingredients, you can do the work easily and effectively. We’ll show you the tricks.


How To Clean Glass Without Glass Cleaner

Before taking steps, please remember to never use razors or blades to remove hard smears on mirrors since they may pose lasting scars and make your glass more vulnerable.

One more thing, don’t ever use paper towels to clean glass. They leave the little dusty things, lint, and streaks. You don’t want to deal with those things after cleaning, do you?

Now, let’s get the ball rolling!


The first basic solution to think of, of course, is water. Ammonia or alcohol-based solutions can seem to create a better brightness for windows than water. Nevertheless, they may leave stripes or thin films absorbing dust and humidity.

Not only is water the easiest and most economical method to clean glass without cleansers but also the least toxic one.

You can take distilled water into account since it doesn’t contain minerals that tap water may have. Although those elements don’t pose severe harm to your glass, sometimes they cause unsightly and streaky mess on glass surfaces.

Baby Wipes

Another useful alternative to glass cleaner is baby wipes – a familiar thing in every house but has a very new use. Baby wipes do a surprisingly nice glass cleaning job and are certainly less toxic and harmful than a sterilizing cloth.

Should you need to quickly clean your windows or car windshield off the bird droppings, baby wipes are helpful to have on hand.

Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are also an ideal option. They’re soft but don’t easily tear even when they get wet. Besides, another perk of coffee filters is that they leave no lint behind. You just need to rub the filter from different directions to remove dust and avoid streaking.

Liquid Dish Soap

The combination of liquid dish soap and water is an effective, affordable, yet gentle glass cleaning solution. It assists greatly in erasing grimes drastically.

Try mingling some drops of mild dish soap with water. Once done so, you will have an efficient homemade cleaning solution, which helps get rid of sticky streaks or oily fingerprints entirely. The awful smell from oily areas also goes away remarkably when you apply this method.

If the stubborn dirts remain, apply the mixture and use a soft cloth to dry again. Typically, window cleaning requires two cycles of spraying along with drying.

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Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets are a standard tool to clean glass without adopting glass cleaners. They have a silicone layer that collects dust and reduces static as well as repel any future dust.

A new dryer sheet is useful, of course, but a used one also performs so well that you shouldn’t get rid of them after taking them out of the box. Wet dryer sheets down or dampen them to rub off sticky films or streaks from the glass, applying gentle pressure.


Users may probably know that nature degreasers can do wonders for removing the disgusting smell and dirt. And vinegar is the best form of all-nature cleaning solution to replace Windex, particularly white vinegar.

Vinegars are antibacterial and non-toxic; therefore, totally safe for children, pets, and the living atmosphere. Their acidic composition effectively helps break down the soapy films or streaky dirt on windows and mirrors.

First, to adopt vinegar in wiping glass, you need to blend the vinegar with warm water at a 50/50 ratio and pour the mixture in a spray bottle.

Next, rub-down the glass surface with a smooth, clean, lint-free cloth or baby wipe to wipe off dust before applying your solution. Once done, spray the whole finish with the available compound, then use the towel to rub the vinegar composite, working it into dirty areas on your glass.

Finally, use another soft clean cloth to dry the glass thoroughly. Make sure you do this phase as quickly as possible to deter streaks.


Learning how to clean glass without glass cleaner is an essential part of good housekeeping. Clear glass stuff tends to add brightness and open spaces to your house’s inside view.

After reading our blog, we hope you can figure out that even when you don’t have glass cleansers at the dot, you can still conjure up crystal clear glass. If you do, please leave a comment below to let us know!

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