How To Clean A Red Copper Pan – The Smartest Methods

Are you looking for solutions to keep your copper pan long-lasting without spending too much time washing it? We are here to guide you to the most appropriate way of how to clean a red copper pan.

Let’s get right into this post to check out these smartest and quickest ways!


Why Do You Need and How To Clean A Red Copper Pan? 

Why Do You Need To Season Red Copper Pans?

If you just buy a brand new red copper pan, the seasoning step is essential as by doing this, your pan’s non-stick abilities will increase significantly. More specifically, you can prevent your pan from sticking, as well as protect its surface from damage if you regularly use it at high temperatures. 

That is why most cookware manufacturers will tell you to season your cooking utensil first to get the most out of it. Even the best non-stick pans can end with leftovers and stains if you don’t wash them properly. 

How To Season Red Copper Pan?

There are various ways to season this utensil, but we will instruct you the fastest way to learn the way to clean your red copper pan by using an oven:

Step 1:  Wash the pan with soap in warm water.

Note: Do not use a strong scrubbing pad to clean the pan’s surface; use a soft towel instead.

Step 2:  Wash the pan thoroughly with water, then let it dry.

Step 3: Pour one tablespoon of oil onto the pan and use a paper towel to spread gently on the whole surface. Make sure to cover the entire surface.

Step 4:  Place the pan in the oven and leave it there for about 20 minutes. 

Note: Your oven should be heated to 300 degrees already.

Step 5:  Take it out after 20 minutes and let it cool.

Step 6: Use a paper towel to remove excess oil after the oil in the pan has dried for about 15 minutes. 

Note: Do not cool the pan by refrigerating it.

How To Clean A Red Copper Pan Correctly After Every Use?

Try to make a habit of cleaning the copper pan right after using them, as this will help to keep it clean and remain durable. You will need to spend more time washing this tool if you do not regularly clean it.

But how to clean a red copper pan with stubborn food residue then?  The perfect solution for this will be a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Moreover, remember to use a soft towel to wipe your pan’s surface to get rid of scratches.

How To Clean A Burnt Red Copper Pan?

Method 1: Baking Soda

You can simply clean your copper pan by using the essential product in your refrigerator, and baking soda is commonly used for this purpose. Let’s learn the method!

Step 1: Pour baking soda over the burned areas of the pan

Step 2: Wait for about 20 minutes

Effort 3: Wipe the stained areas of the pan with a plastic brush in circles 

Step 4: Rinse the pan in lukewarm water

Step 5: Use a clean towel to dry the pan

Another way to clean the pan by using baking soda: 

  • Soak the pan in a combination of water and baking soda.
  • Use a plastic dishwasher to remove stains.
  • Finally, use warm water and soft towels to wipe the stains away easily.

Method 2: Dishwasher Liquid

The simplest way to clean a red copper pan is by using dishwashing liquid. 

Step 1: First, fill the pan with water.  

Note: Do not pour too much, only a half-full pan.

Step 2:  Adjust the flame level to low heat for about 5 minutes.

Step 3: Prepare 1 cup of water and one teaspoon of dishwashing liquid.

Step 4: Rinse the pan with dishwashing liquid

Step 5: After washing it, use a clean towel to dry the pan. 

How To Clean The Outside Of A Red Copper Pan?

Keeping the inside surface spotless is only the first step of cleaning a red copper pan correctly. More specifically, you also need to protect its outside surface to make your copper pan look brand new. Let’s follow these steps to make sure that your pan is completely clean and shiny!

Step 1: Sprinkle salt on the outer surface of the copper pan

Step 2: Spray white vinegar and salt onto the area you want to clean.

Step 3: Let wait for 5 minutes.

Step 4: Use a plastic brush to scrub the outside of the pan.

Step 5: Rinse the pan one more time and dry it with paper or a towel.

How To Maintain And Care For A Red Copper Pan?

Remember to pay special attention while cleaning the red copper pan, as you can save a lot of money by keeping it long-lasting. As mentioned above,  it is incredibly crucial to preserve the non-stick surface of the pan mindfully.

Here are some notes for smart people:

  • Do not let the pan get hot without reason. 
  • It is much better when you wash the red copper pan by hand instead of using a dishwasher.
  •  Do not use iron dishwashers as these can damage or scratch the surface of the pan.
  • You should not use cooking sprays as the aerosols can leave residues, which would be much more challenging to clean. 

If you have to use a cooking spray, we still have a way to help you: 

  • Use hot water and washing-up liquid. 
  • Next, use a plastic brush to clean the pan after cooking.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning A Red Copper Pan:

Q1: How to Wash Away The Egg Stains on The Red Copper Pan?

 A: Normally, the egg does not stick on the pan’s surface quickly. But some small egg residue might get stuck on it. In this case, take out the cooked eggs and continue to cook the rubble for a few seconds. Then use a soft towel to wipe off the residue with a silicone spatula. 

Q2: Can We Re-season a Red Copper Pan?

A: Yes, of course. If your red copper pan does not perform well, you can re-season your pan. However, you can skip the first step in our above seasoning instructions instead of using paper to clean the pan’s surface. 

Let’s Wrap Up!

As we have mentioned before, remember these essential tips to keep your red copper pan always in good condition: Try to use only a soft cloth when cleaning it, say no with pouring oil, and hand washing is the safest way. Treat your pan with great care!

We hope that this article on how to clean a red copper pan will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for our next post!

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