How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of The House After Burning Food?

It is common sense when you have a time getting distracted during the cooking process. Only after the lingering smell reaches your nose, you might ask yourself if you have forgotten the cake in the oven.

In that case, knowing the ways on how to get smoke smell out of the house after burning food is pretty important. To help you with the best solution, the following is all you need to know!


Why Should You Get The Smoke Smell Out Of Your House?

Smoke once appears in your house can soon turn into a lingering troublesome. Particles of smoke might trap on any fibers in your furniture or cloth. You do not want your curtain or carpet to have a smoke smell all day and night, right?

If you still think that the smoke can get out from your house furniture quickly, it might not be the case. For instance, let’s take a look at a house with cigarette smokers. 

In the situation you have ever had any items from these houses, you can easily find out the smell of stinky smoke. The secondhand smoke from cigarettes sticks on any surfaces in your home, resulting in a foul or stale smell.

Smoke can stay in your house furniture for a long time

It would be best if you cleaned your furniture properly and frequently. Otherwise, the smoke smell of tar or resin might last for ages. So what can you do to keep your house safe from the smoky smell? Here are some recommended solutions for you. Shall we continue?

How To Get Smoke Smell Out Of The House After Burning Food?

Steps To Remove Smoke Within Your Home

You burn the steak during roasting, then smoke quickly fills in your house air. What can you do to get any smoke out? Here are the steps to follow.

Find And Solve The Smoke Sources

The first step and the most important one is to look for the smoke sources. Your burned dishes can create a lot or all smoke in your house. And if you do not quickly throw it away or stop the cooking process, you might fall into big trouble of cleaning your room.

Open All Windows And Doors

In the next step, you need to open as many outer space connections as possible, including all windows and doors. Just remember to open doors and windows at the opposite side to make sure the cross breeze air comes through your house. This simple step works pretty well in wiping off a majority of stale smoke.

Apply Damp Towel

Opening the windows or doors is not enough; you should take a damp towel and swing it in the space lingering with smoke. This act must be carried out in the direction of the window to the most effective. 

Turn On Fans Or Air Conditioner

It will be best if you have a decent air conditioner to filter the room’s air. Otherwise, you can use box fans to work as a vacuum.

All you need to do is place the fan on the ledge of your kitchen window and then turn it on. By reversing the fan, you will not simply blow the smoky air inside the room but allow the fresh air to come into the house.

What Can You Do To Remove Stale Smoke

What if the smoke smell has long-lasting on your carpets or furniture? Following is some solution for you.

Apply Lemon Juices Or Essential Oils

After a hot port or barbeque party, you can have some pieces of fresh lemons with you. All you need to do is to boil water with some slice of lemon. It might be so simple, but you will see how amazingly effective this solution is for removing any icky smells. 

When lemon is not available for your case, you can use essential oils or onion with the same process. You might find it weird to have an onion to clean the smoky smell in your house. But, whether you believe it or not, onions work well to absorb any bad smells. 

Make Use Of Vinegar

If you are a DIY cleaner lover, vinegar is quite a familiar ingredient that easily absorbs and masks smell. To this solution, you need to damp a small amount of your bread into vinegar, put it into a bowl, and leave it in the smoking area. Pretty quick, the smoky smell can soon be absorbed.

A note here is vinegar smell is unpleasant for some, so you can open doors to make this smell evaporate more quickly. 

Use Coffee

Coffee is a great deal when it comes to absorbing any stray smells, including smoke. If coffee is your favorite drink every day, you can keep discarded grounds in a bowl for later use. This nicely smelly item will make you surprised at how effectively and quickly it absorbs nasty smell from smoke. 

Baking Soda

As one of the cheapest and eco-friendly items, baking soda is popular for any household cleaning task. It can also clan the smoky and bad smells easily. The truth is that a lot of people leave a baking soda bowl in refrigerators to avoid food smells.

To remove the smell of the benches after an ill-cooked meal, a pasty mixture of water and baking soda will work well. Then spread the paste on the cooking surface before scrubbing it with a cloth. Leave it there for some time and wipe it with a wet cloth.

This method observes any bad pathogens and nasty smells of smoke. A bonus point is that you can clear other smells in your kitchen. 

Some Tips 

To remove all the smoky smell, here are some tips for you:

  • Scrub and Wash any interior surfaces like windows, deck, and walls in the place near smock sources.
  • Disinfect and clean thoroughly interior and hardtops using soap or other cleaning products. Remember to clean the cabinets and drawers on the inside as well.
  • Dry clean or launder any clothing that contains a smoke smell.
  • Wash, vacuum, or do other cleaning methods for all your house items, especially the knick-knack items.
  • Deodorize any carpets and covering for windows or furniture near the smoky sources or all of them (if it is possible for you).
  • With the ability to use spray deodorizing cleaning items for upholstery or fabric window covers, these cleaning items can be easily found in any nearby supermarket. However, you should try to avoid using masking odor sprays as they are just a temporary solution.
  • You have equipped your house with a heating, air conditioner, or ventilating machine. It would help if you remembered to do ductworks professionally to remove any residue, soot, or ash from smoke. At least change the filters once a month when there is smoke frequently in your house.  
  • For rough items, you can have a hard brush with mild detergent for cleaning. Pressure washing might be an excellent cleaning solution and beneficial. However, you still need to scrub the rough surface so that all the residue disappears.
  • Air filtration is needed to remove all soot or ash left on your house vegetation or ground. During this time, the soot and ash are immersed or diluted within the indoor environment leaving your house with a fresh air condition. 

Final Words

That is all you need to know about how to get smoke smell out of the house after burning food. Are you ready to clean your house now trying with the above method? It is all your choice to find the one that works for you the best. We hope that you have the best time staying in your sweet home. Cheer!

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