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How To Get Rid Of Rotten Meat Smell In Garbage Can? – Household Tips

You are on the way to seeking the cleverest household tips on how to get rid of rotten meat smell in garbage can.

However, the listed methods seemed infeasible for you to follow and apply effectively. We understand your concern when the stinky garbage smell is such a nuisance.

Therefore, we sorted out the most quality paper that may help erase foul-smelling meat in your trash cans. From that, you will feel cozier while relaxing in your house. 

How To Get Rid Of Rotten Meat Smell In Garbage Can? – Seven Life Hacks For Friendly-Environmental Ambience 

#1. Clean The Garbage Cans Well

Taking your time to clean the garbage thoroughly is the first and foremost thing you should start with to eliminate the rotten meat smell. You may find it disgusting to scrub a foul-smelling trash can. Therefore, remember to wear a thick cotton face mask to make the cleaning job much easier. You can also use bleach-based cleaners to have the trash can smell normal again. 

Besides simply getting rid of the horrendous odor, it had better clean the garbage can so that you can use it safely in your residence. Sometimes, your garbage can smelling horrid means the rotten meat could have released some bacteria that needs you to deal with right away. Giving the trash can a good cleaning is certainly an ideal practice if you want your home to stay hygienic as much as possible.

Do not forget to clean the outdoor garbage can every so often. You can get the outside trash can showered with a hose and a workable cleaner product. It would be best if you did some actual cleansing, but you can still select whichever options you want. It is your choice.

#2. Use Kitty Litter

In case there is some kitty litter available at your house, make use of this product because it works in getting rid of the rotten meat smell left behind in the garbage can. 

To be more specific, the cat litter specifically helps neutralize the stinky odors and effectively deodorize your trash can. You can sprinkle a little kitty litter on a bed of the garbage can. We make sure you have grabbed a life-changing hack for your household tasks. 

After placing the cat litter at the bottom of your trash can, let the can sit outdoors for 24 hours. Gradually, you will notice that the smells left by rotten meat ultimately got counteracted. It is obvious when you feel less mentally attacked by filthy smells while using a cleaned garbage can.  

We do recommend you use kitty litter that gives off a certain pleasant-smelling scent. With your best option of cat litter product, you can help freshen up the trash can significantly. Generally speaking, the idea of using cat litter as a method for erasing foul-smelling trash is so great that you should not hesitate to jump on it. 

#3. Use Baking Soda

If you do not have cat litter but baking soda, follow our instructions described in detail above because utilizing baking soda to keep cozy-smelling odors is quite common. You can see that people regularly place baking soda inside the refrigerator to neutralize its smells. So you can do the same thing to your trash cans.    

Disseminate this powder evenly at the bottom of your garbage can, and leave it there. You will be surprised at how it works like the way cat litter has done. We guarantee the results brought about by using baking soda, so you can count on us, count on the method associated with baking soda.  

However, you should be aware that baking soda does not work well for metal trash cans. Due to the high corrosion level caused by baking soda when placed in your metal trash can, you should be vitally more careful. Meanwhile, go for the method if you are using plastic garbage cans. 

#4. Layer Garbage Cans With Newspapers

Layering the trash cans with unused newspapers is another preventive option that you can go for to get rid of the rotten meat smells. Doing so will make your garbage cans less dirtier. Simultaneously, in the case of the trash bags getting torn because of containing an overloaded amount of leftover food, these newspapers placed at the bottom of trash cans will help absorb the rotten smells.

Change your garbage bags frequently along with different bedding newspapers as well. That is what you need to do, and it is pretty simple. 

However, this approach’s practicality greatly depends on whether newspapers are available in your residence for immediate use. So we suggest you gather the old newspapers and pile them up against the wall. You can even buy the newspapers for future use, but the cat litter idea is probably more effective, anyway.   

#5. Use Scented Oils

Some people go for another idea of spraying some scented oils in the garbage cans to make them smell less loathsome. By doing so, the revolting smell of rotten meat will get overwhelmed with fragrant oils. Overall, this idea may work, but the scented oils are not strong enough to give a long, drawn-out overproduction over the negative odors.  

On the contrary, it may be more practical to use scented oils for the empty trash cans exclusively. It means that you should dispose of the rotten meat or leftovers first, then scrub the garbage cans before spraying scented oils. This method will bring the same result as using scented trash bags. Give this idea a try and evaluate whether it is a worthwhile step to take. 

Although using scented oils does not solve all of your problems associated with foul-smelling meat, your house will smell nicer in general. Those oils do not harm anything so that you can enjoy the pure ambiance in your house.

#6. Use Dryer Sheets

It may not be strange when people use dryer sheets to make things smell nicer. Hence, you can take advantage of this smelling agent to place some at the bed of your trash cans and see how it will work. However, to be more practical and effective, you should clean the trash cans thoroughly first and sit there to dry. 

After that, put dryer sheets at the bottom of your trash cans to let them do the job of helping things smell purer. 

Dryer sheets may not neutralize odors like the way baking soda or cat litter have done. Unfortunately, they can give off pleasant smells that take away from the foul stink of the trash. Therefore, it would probably be better if you stored extra dryer sheets at your house for daily use. 

Moreover, there are varieties of different dryer sheet types on the market that you can easily order and purchase online. It is quite convenient when you sit down and pick up a certain pleasant scent that you love to enjoy. 

You also get a good deal because dryer sheets are fairly inexpensive. So you can make the rotten meat smell in the garbage less stinky with such a cost-effective method.

#7. Buy Scented Garbage Bags

Why don’t you switch to scented garbage bags to get rid of the spoiled meat smell in the trash cans instead of scented oils? These scented bags work very well, and you can find them at any grocery store. Using scented garbage bags keeps you from enduring stinky odors that are bothering you. Just go for this idea if you find it is the best option.

Although the idea of buying scented trash bags may not address the odor problem that you are facing, it still helps weaken the strong odors in the future. Our suggestion of using scented garbage bags would probably be suitable for those who want to nullify the garbage’s nasty smells. But if you prefer eliminating rotten meat smell, jump on the methods we already mentioned earlier. 

Final Thoughts

We hope that our paper has brought you a more in-depth outlook on how to get rid of rotten meat smell in garbage can. If you have tried any ideas suggested by us, drop your feedback in the box below. Besides, if anyone has another recommendation for this issue, freely share with us. We are grateful for your contribution.


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