How Do I Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In My Bedroom?

Humming interferes with your work, and you notice a small bug. A clap and the problem solved. As soon as you see a fly, you quickly realize it doesn’t take long for the fruit flies to invade your bedroom. 

Fortunately, fruit fly infestation is not forever. The following simple and effective ways of “How do I get rid of fruit flies in my bedroom?” will help you quickly get rid of fruit flies in your bed home.


Where Do These Fruit Flies Come From — And What Causes Them? 

Before trying to get rid of fruit flies, you need to find out what causes fruit flies. Ripe fruit, rotting foods, and fermented products like beer, liquor, and wine, are particularly attractive factors for fruit flies.

Attractive factors for fruit flies

The trend of home decoration with trees, especially fruit trees, has also contributed to the attractiveness and habitation of fruit flies in recent years.

Clean surfaces are the enemy of fruit flies, so keep items in your home clean at all times. Water or other sugary drinks on the surface would make perfect destinations for fruit flies to come and breed.

Wet surfaces or rotten fruit are ideal environments for female fruit flies to lay eggs on. Female fruit flies lay about 500 eggs at a time, and after hatching, the larvae use their surroundings as nutrients (fruit or sugars). After a few days, the larvae develop into full adult fruit flies. 

And what is the most surprising reason why you need to deal with the very first fruit fly?

With a relatively fast life cycle, after two days of reaching adulthood, the flies can mate. That makes these organisms almost out of control.

How Do I Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In My Bedroom? 

#1. Use Apple Cider Vinegar

For this home fruit fly trap, first, pour some apple cider vinegar into a glass or simply remove the apple cider vinegar bottle’s lid.

Next, you cover the lid with plastic wrap and use the rubber band to fix the edges.

Then, you need to poke a few small holes in the wrap for the fruit flies to get in. Fruit flies can’t resist vinegar, but they’ll become trapped in a plastic wrap once inside.

Create many of these little traps and put them around your bedroom; the effect will be much higher.

#2. Vinegar and Soap

If you find that the plastic wrap trap isn’t working and the fruit flies can get through the film, try adding three drops of detergent to the vinegar bowl and leaving the lid off for a few hours.

This is a way to get rid of the flies by drowning them. To do that, you’ll first pour apple cider vinegar or wine or beer into a large bowl or plate. Next, you will add three drops of dish detergent or more and mix well.

Fruit flies are attracted to the sweetness of apple cider vinegar, wine, or beer. However, the detergent disrupts the liquid’s surface tension, so flies are immediately immersed when they touch the surface and cannot escape.

#3. Old Paper Cones and Pieces of Fruit

If none of these methods are enough to scare away little intruders, here’s another way to trap them.

Add some vinegar and a portion of ripe fruit to the jar. You should use one with a moderate mouth.

Then you roll some paper into a cone and put the smaller end / narrower hole in the jar, sealing it into the mouth of the jar.

Fruit flies are sucked into the mixture by the smell of the rotting product. However, with the large inlet cone but the fruit fly trap’s small outlet, it is difficult for little intruders to get out. Then, you can recycle or compost your homemade mixture with the mixture and the dead fruit’s corpse.

If the intrusion goes bad and you want to make sure their existence is wiped out as soon as possible, it’s a good idea to put a few of these jars around your home, probably near the sink, cupboard, or trash bin.

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Tips To Prevent The Fruit Flies In The Future 

You have eliminated fruit flies from your home, but take the following precautions to prevent new fruit fly infestation.

#Tip 1. Wash the Product to Remove any Potential Eggs or Larvae

Before storing or displaying freshly purchased fruit, wash it thoroughly clean. With two parts water with one part vinegar, the combination can kill some bacteria and keep the food from rotting longer. 

However, to keep your fruits and vegetables free of the smell of vinegar, be sure to wash it off with clean water one last time.

#Tip 2. Seal Trash and Clean the Surface

Fruit flies love large spaces, and an uncovered box is a perfect nest. Ensure you keep the lid on the bin carefully so that they don’t have a chance to land in the trash.

Spills on the surface, especially juice or alcohol, are your accidental but good prey for fruit flies. Stop all operations and clean up as soon as the crash occurs; otherwise, you will face unnecessary intrusion.

#Tip 3. Change the Soil in Your Potted Plant

If you have just planted a new pot of bonsai, and fruit flies have appeared from the side of your plant, then you should consider replacing the soil layer. Investing in a new layer of soil with more nutrients and fewer pests will be worth the money in fruit flies prevention.

In Sum 

We hope our post has given you some information on “How do I get rid of fruit flies in my bedroom”. When unwanted guests enter, make sure your room does not have what it takes for the fruit flies to survive: food, standing water, and a place to live.

We hope that this article will be useful to you. Don’t be afraid to ask more detailed questions in the comments.

Thank you for reading!

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