Can You Dry Clean Baseball Hats and Some Other Hats? What’s the Right Way?

Your favorite baseball hat is dirty now, and you do not know how to clean and maintain your favorite item? Can you dry clean baseball hats and some other hats? – What’s the Right Way? And, is wet cleaning ok for these special hats?

In this blog, we will answer the most common questions related to cleaning baseball hats and some other hats so you can decide what the best cleaning method for your type of hat is. Let’s find it out now!


Can You Dry Clean Baseball Hats and Some Other Hats? – What’s the Right Way?

Can You Dry Clean Baseball Hats and Some Other Hats?

Can you dry clean baseball hats and some other hats? The answer is, “Yes.” Dry cleaning is fine for many types of baseball hats, especially those made from wool or cardboard. The dry cleaning method is applicable widely by baseball hat lovers for decades, which is why.  

The old style of baseball hats’ brims were made of cardboard. Therefore, it would be pretty risky to wet clean them with water the same way we do with other fabric, cotton, or plastic hats. 

When you put the hat’s brim in water and wash it so roughly, you might ruin the material and shape completely. And even when you try your best to be gentle while washing cardboard-supported hats on water, the cardboard will also look so much worse or change the shape after the cleaning process even though it is not damaged 100%. 

So, for this special baseball hat, we have to dry clean it every time. This is not an option. It’s a must. And for those hats made of other materials, while it is ok to dry clean the caps sometimes, you should wet clean them properly by hands to remove as much dirt as possible.

How to Dry Clean Baseball Hats?

There are a few things you need to prepare before cleaning your cardboard-supported brims baseball hat. For cleaner, you will need a detergent pod to spot clean your hat. Moreover, some pieces of cloth will be helpful. 

That’s all you need! Now, we can start cleaning the hat.

Step 1: Dry Clean Baseball Hat with Detergent Pod

Put the detergent pot in water so it can dissolve completely. After a while, you will see the dissolved clean become liquid. Use the piece of cloth we asked you to prepare early on to wipe a little bit of the cleaner and then apply it on your hat’s stains.  

Do not spread the cleaner to the whole hat! Just carefully clean the stains areas and try to clean the dirt off in those areas. For harder stains, you can use a soft brush to get rid of them.

Step 2: Wipe the Cleaner off

After removing the stains off your hat, use another cloth to wipe out all the remaining cleaning substance on your hat until there is no moisture on your cap. Next, you can hang your hat somewhere to let it dry naturally. 

What’s the Right Way to Clean a Baseball Hat and Some Other Hats?

As we mentioned above, besides cardboard-supported baseball hats, other newer hat models are made from plastic. It will be better for you to wash with water and cleaner instead of spot cleaning. 

If you do not have much time, you can try to dry clean these new models of hats and still keep them clean at some point. However, we do not suggest this cleaning method because it will be hard to make these hats completely clean just by dry cleaning. 

You can choose to wash these hats with water by hand or even put them into the washing machine. However, we recommend you hand wash your cap because you can maintain its shape so much better. Now, let’s see how you can wash your baseball hat and some other hats with plastic-supported brims on. 


You will need some gentle cleaner (such as mild soap) with water to hand wash your hat. For tools, you only need a small bucket to hold water, an old toothbrush if your hat has rough stains on, then we are ready to go. 

Step 1: Wet Clean Your Hat

First, drop some cleaner into the bucket water and stir the mixture until they are completely mixed. Next, soak the whole hat into the mix and leave it there for around three or five minutes.

Step 2: Remove the Stains

If your hat has stains on, then use the old toothbrush to scrub those stains to remove them away. When you find that stains are so hard, you can use a little cleaner in that area and continue to scrub it until all the stains are removed.

Step 3: Wash the Hat with Water and Let It Dry

In the last step, you will need to soak the whole hat in another bucket of clean water and wash all the cleaner mixture away from the hat. After that, you can rinse that cap and hang it somewhere to let it dry. 

How to Maintain the Quality of Baseball Hats?

Avoid Water, Liquid, and Dirt As Much As Possible 

For baseball hats and other hats with cardboard-supported brims, it will be best if you try to avoid water, liquid, or other dirt to stick on them as much as possible. 

Why? As we mentioned earlier, this type of hat can be easily ruined underwater and liquid. So, when you avoid letting them get wet, their quality, shapes, and color will remain for a longer time. 

Be Careful While Washing the Hat with Washing Machine

New hats’ models with stronger materials such as plastic or some fabric will be fine if you wash them with a washing machine. However, not all of these hats are suitable for this cleaning process. 

To make sure your hat is washable with a washing machine, check its label first before doing anything else. When you are unsure whether your hat is washable with a washing machine, you should gently hand wash it.


Baseball hats are convenient and fashionable to wear. Still, because not all baseball hats are made from the same materials, you will need to be careful when choosing the right cleaning method to maintain your favorite hat’s quality. 

Can you dry clean baseball hats and some other hats, and what’s the right way? By now, you have already got the answer from this in-depth sharing article about this topic. Even though it might take some time to read your hat’s label to decide on the best cleaning method, the rest will be super easy if you follow the guide provided in this blog!

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