The Heartbreaking Finding of a Dog with Ringworm, Deserted in a Pitiful State by a Heartless Individual.

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we are all familiar with the beautiful outdoor garden, where puppies play freely and their healthy coat shines brightly in the summer sun’s rays, in addition to the presence the love of those who care for and protect their people.

However, this is not the case for our beautiful canine protagonist, called Dobby, whose circumstances are not unlike that of other dogs of the same age. It turns out that the little girl was found in a pitiful situation, left behind by a certain heartless person .

Ringworm had spread all over his body, causing his hair to fall out. Her health was fragile when she was saved, before being adopted by Brylee , her new human mother.

He began to receive the food and urgent care he desperately needed. However, thanks to Brylee’s love for him in the first place, Dobby regained her will to live, that desperate look changed into an overflowing light.

Little Dobby has made a spectacular recovery. Not only did his hair grow back, but it also made him self-conscious. Today she is a dog that grows up happily, in the warmth of a sincere hug .

“We are all used to seeing puppies with their straight and soft hair, running through a patio or walking happily along a path, tied to their owners’ leashes. 

However, when I saw her in that state I was very moved and I soon knew that I could not sit idly by,” Brylee said.

Yes, the woman is very right, and the problem is that many puppies walk around carefree and happy, because they have the love and care of their humans. 

This was definitely not the case for Dobby who, in addition to her alopecia, was also affected by ringworm on her little ears .

So much so, that Dobby had to keep them collected at all times, to try to alleviate the pain that his condition caused him. It almost goes without saying, but with so much suffering her weak heart beat less enthusiastically each day.

“The problem is that not all puppies get the care they deserve from their guardians. There are many indolent people, who do not care to make an innocent and more vulnerable being suffer, “added Brylee, Dobby’s wife and rescuer.

She was temporarily taken to the Cane Rosso Rescue shelter , located in the state of Texas, United States, where the dog was welcomed and received the necessary food and medical attention.

Once the big meeting between Brylee and Dobby took place, the woman took the opportunity to record the day-to-day and improvement of her little girl in a video that she posted through her social media accounts, where it soon went viral. And with him which makes it clear that love cures everything.

Fortunately, Dobby, named for his resemblance to the elven character in the Harry Potter saga, has made a miraculous recovery. Not only has she started to grow her soft fur once again, but she has also regained her spirits, after spending some time hiding and mistrusting. 

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