Emergency: A Wolf Caught in a Net, Desperately Awaiting Rescue by the Wayside – Can You Help?

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Because it was dark and there were no signs of anything special with the car, the car owner thought he had run over a small animal and continued driving for more than 30 km until a passerby warned him. Something is wrong with the car grille.

One time, Ms. Georgie Knox – a Canadian driver – while driving a Toyota Corolla, accidentally hit a wild wolf. At that moment, she saw the car vibrate and heard a cracking sound.

Because it was dark and didn’t see any special signs with the car, she thought she had run over a small animal and continued driving another 30 km.

When Georgie stopped at the red light, suddenly a woman pointed at the grille on her car and signaled that something was wrong. The woman said that out of the grille protruded something wiggly and furry, looking a bit like a dog.

Then Georgie got out of the car and went to the front to look at the situation. She almost burst into tears when she saw the convulsing body of an animal – seemingly still alive.

Ms. Knox immediately called the local animal shelter to report the accident. The center’s staff then quickly arrived at the scene and rescued the poor wolf. Luckily, the wolf did not suffer any serious injuries.

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