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Do you like keeping your house clean? Does cleaning your house always run in your mind? In that case, you have reached the right place for all the information pertaining to a clean house. That is correct; we have found you the perfect solution for maintaining your floors.

This solution is called the best spray mop that will change your cleaning routine once and for all. Need we say more or should you start reading this post? Yes, but we request you to read this post till the end to find all the answers to your query. Wish you good luck!

There are a few ways that you can resort to while looking for the best spray mop. Here are a few pointers that will surely aid you in buying the best one for you. Have a look:

Type of floor – This is the first thing that you must mull over, as different flooring will require different cleaning supplies. For example, some floors may have a tendency to warp and you certainly would not want to damage your floor. So, know your floor type and choose a mop that best suits it.

Budget – This is another imperative that will facilitate you to select any product and a mop is no exception to it. Your budget will make it easier for you to make a selection among the best brands.

Functionality – Yes, another important factor that should not skip your mind is that of purposefulness of the mop. Like, it must be easy to grip, comfortable to work with and if the mop heads are washable. Think about it.

Benefits and Advantages

Don’t worry, if you still are in the dark about this, as we are here to assist you with that too. The fact that you have come this far in quest of a good mop makes you different from those want their house or office to be just clean. Very few people actually take the long route for cleaning.

Now worries, we know you are seeking something exquisite and there are a couple of benefits of that. Below mentioned are some of the advantages that you can reap from working with a spray mop.

  • These are new age mops with a twist, as they can clean without you having to lug around a bucket
  • This shows, these mops are highly portable because you can carry them around with ease
  • Plus, there is no risk of spilling the bucket over while cleaning
  • At the same time, you save water because you are not using a gallon of water for cleaning
  • This saves you a lot on your utility bills as you are not using electricity while cleaning
  • These mops can spray swiftly and that can make your cleaning easy
  • You can wash the mop pads and reuse them several times
  • This proves the point that these mops are cost effective as well

How To Use?

See, this is no rocket science, which suggests that there is no right or wrong way of using these mops. However, if you want to learn about the effective ways of using the best spray mop, then here they are:

  • The first thing would be to clean the floor, so you can sweep or may be vacuum it even before you start mopping it
  • Assemble, your mop prior to using it
  • Next, would be to fill the bottle with a solution of your choice for your floor (which should be the right kind for the floor)
  • This implies that you do not have to use your hands to wring out the mop after dipping into the solution (anymore)
  • Now, turn the bottle upside down and then start mopping as per convenience
  • Make use of the rotating head and reach all the nooks and crannies you ever wanted to clean with a spray mop

The 5 Reviews

Have a read about the best spray mop from 5 top brands.

Rubbermaid has been serving the cleaning industry for over 80 years now. It surely knows how to design a product that will far exceed your expectations. For years, they have been known for their innovative cleaning products and the Rubbermaid Reveal is no different to that.

This spray mop is all about wasting less and hands down, saving more. That is very true; because you can make your own cleaning solution or buy anything that you think is suitable for your home. This indicates that Rubbermaid does recommend you fancy cleaners. Wait, there is to more to this like:


  • Can be used on floors like hardwood, laminate, tile and vinyl
  • The microfiber mop can pick up 50% more dirt than any traditional mop
  • The scrubbers are non-scratch and you need not worry about it at all
  • This is a light weight mop that makes mopping a breeze
  • In spite of this, it has a durable construction
  • Does not need batteries to run, which is an added advantage
  • The bottle is of 22 ounces, refillable and you are in total control of pumping out the solution
  • The mop head is washable and can last up to 100 washes


  • The quality of the handle could be worked up on
  • The swivel head seems to be a bit shaky, that needs to be looked into

Or you can read my detailed review on This Product here:

Cleaning products under discussion, then O-Cedar has to be somewhere on the list. Yes, it is time for us to talk about the O-Cedar ProMist that happens to be a pretty looking spray mop. Don’t fall the looks, as it is equally tough on the dirt, grime and dust. Firstly, we have to acknowledge the fact that with more than 100 years of experience in this industry, O-Cedar has never failed to deliver.

In the same way, the ProMist is handy mop that can double up as a broom too. You need to be little creative to use this mop in the best possible ways. Find out more about this mop in details in here.


  • The microfiber mop head can attract hair, pet hair, dirt and minutest of dust particles instantly
  • The use of microfiber technology makes it incredibly efficient
  • Can work for hardwood, vinyl, laminate and ceramic floors
  • You can use your own home made cleaning solution for the refilling bottle
  • You can operate it with a feather touch
  • Use it at your own pace, as you are in control of this bottle
  • The microfiber is washable 100 times which makes the whole thing profitable
  • O-Cedar also does not force you to buy cleaning agents from specific brands


  • The mop head could have been bigger
  • The squeezing mechanism needs to be developed into a better one

This is a beast of a spray mop that can be used to spot clean muddy stains right away. You can use it for scrubbing off dried tomato sauce stains, dirt, grime and dust. Moreover, this is a convenient mop to use as the shape makes it useful to clean smaller spots. The pump is very powerful and that only lends you a hand while cleaning.

In other words, it is called a “seamless transition” complete mopping and spot cleaning because of its properties. If you want to know this mop in and out, then we have provided you all the details that you can find in the forthcoming section.


  • It is a good looking mop that can work fine if used in the correct ways
  • The microfiber mop can trap dirt and can remove stubborn stains with it
  • The use of microfiber adds to its effectiveness
  • It has a detachable scrubber that makes cleaning an effortless chore for you
  • The bottle is easy to squeeze, which means you can take out as much liquid as you want for mopping
  • The bottle is reusable and that makes it rewarding for you
  • In addition to this, the microfiber can be washed (even in machine) easily to get rid of the debris


  • The mop is little heavy for women to work with
  • The bottle sits tight and could give you serious trouble while taking it out

Undoubtedly, a spray mop is a better choice over a traditional mop, as the former is more expedient. In the same way, if you weigh it against an electric mop, then you would glad to know that you are saving the environment by using a spray mop. It does not make use of batteries that would deteriorate the natural world. What more can you expect out of a mop?

Although, we have some more to converse about the Homevative Microfiber, yet it has to be stated that if you wanted to re-arrange your house, then you would like to get one of these for sure.


  • Suave looking spray mops that will make your day
  • You get 2 refill bottles, you can use one and keep one as a buffer
  • 3 additional carbon fiber microfiber mops that can washed over 100 times (each), makes the deal valuable
  • It saves you time while cleaning because the head can pivot
  • The handle is made from lightweight aluminum
  • It has an ergonomic design that makes stress free cleaning and saves you from back, shoulder and arm aches
  • Overall, this is a productive mop that helps you save on batteries, expensive cleaning agents and most importantly on your health
  • You get a lifetime guarantee with this product


  • The handle needs work, as it holds the refilling bottle
  • The directions are not clear on this spray mop

As the name suggests, the handle takes all the credit away and it is true. You will know once you use it because the handle does it all for you. It has an ergonomic design with completely controlled handgrip. The HOMILY Microfiber Spray Cleaner helps you clean floors of hardwood, tile, laminate and ceramic.

All you need is to trigger a little of the solution, which by the way get casted evenly on any surface and you can start mopping with it. They even have a warranty that asks you to contact their customer service team for refund or replacements. Wait there is more to this spray mop.


  • You can restore a spotless and fresh floor for your house by using this spray mop
  • The handle is made from superior quality of an alloy of aluminum
  • The ABS plastic is another high grade element to have been used in this mop
  • All these components make the HOMILY Microfiber Spray mop very sturdy
  • It is ultra-thin and light in weight that makes your cleaning easy
  • It has to be mentioned that it is free of harmful toxic chemicals as well


  • The refill bottle could make it a tad difficult for you while filling it up
  • The mop spills while cleaning (but you need to know how to set the refill bottle into the compartment, in fact, you can watch a few videos for this)


In short, it has to be mentioned that the best spray mop will not only help you clean your surroundings, but will also keep it hygienic for you. That means, you will not have to use to add cleaners or wring out the mops by hands. Doesn’t this sound sanitary? This does and you will be more than happy to invest in one because of the aforesaid reasons.

Again, there are too many mops in the market to choose, form but hope our way of sifting things will actually assist you in the best possible ways. In addition to this, we have put up the best names in this post and you will find these names to be popular ones when you go out in the market. What are you waiting for? You can give these brands a go, as they are very reliable and easily available as well. Let us know about your experience via the comments section.


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