Bring the Best Mops For Tile Floors To Keep Your Flooring Sparkling Clean

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We generally want to keep our floors durable, good-looking, properly maintained and most importantly it should provide a great value for money. Almost every flooring are good in just one or two categories but the tile floor is really a superior combo of durability, appearance, value for money and ease and convenience of maintenance.

No matter what type of floor you choose for your house or workspace as it must be neat and clean. And for that, you need to bring the best mops for tile floors available in the market. Let us give you a complete guide on this matter.

If you take a look at the market, you will find a lot of mops available to choose from. There are different buckets, several head styles, different mop head materials and so forth to pick. Hence, you need to decide first your requirement prior to choosing one product for you. Below are some considerations for finding the best mops for tile floors.

What Type of Tile Are You Cleaning?

You must consider the texture on the tile before deciding the best mop for your job. Smooth tiles require a traditional mop head while a texture tile needs more aggressive cleaning procedure. For different types of tiles in your home, go for different mop heads.

Do You Require Steaming?

Some mops can create steam instead of only applying warm water for better cleaning effect. So, you must seek steam mops which will be the deepest cleaning option for your tile floors.

Customer Benefits

Capacity of Deep Cleaning

This one is the prime benefit of owning the best mops for tile floors. These mops are capable of cleaning your tile floors deeply with an ease and quickness. Although many people use vacuum cleaner over their tile floors, this treatment will not offer a complete clean. All you require is buying a mop which can clean your tile floors not just deeply but also maintain its appearance perfectly.

Ease of Use

Using a mop, you will not need to get down on your knees and hands for scrubbing the floor cleaning with a brush. They give a better maintenance to your floors, keeping them new and smooth.


Buying a mop for tile floors would be a wise choice as this comes perfectly as per your budget. Alongside its ease and convenience of use, this is extremely inexpensive that it will fit completely your budget.

Way to Use This Product?

Mop The Tile Floor with Warm Water

If your floor doesn’t need deep cleaning or doesn’t have stains, you can run a damp mop over the floors for having a sufficient cleaning. Choose a microfiber mop for this cleaning. Clean the mop with fresh warm water after using over one part of your room and repeat the same process until the whole floor is mopped. For daily simple care, you can go for using a dry mop over your tile floors.

Use Vinegar Solutions With Your Mop For A Deep Cleaning

In case you need a deep cleaning, use ½ cup vinegar solution with water and do mopping as usual. If you don’t get the shine or the smooth look like before, you can use detergent powder and fresh water for mopping the floors again. You can choose a dust mop for sucking and dry cleaning the water.

The 5 Best Tile Floor Mops Reviews

O-Cedar has been making a name for themselves as one of the powerhouses in the house cleaning industry. They continuously put out high-quality products for all different kinds of consumers’ needs, such as this mop with the old-fashion look.

Just take one look at it, you would probably think the mop is like any other mop, with no unique features, and certainly can’t handle your tile floors in the slightest. Contrary to its appearance, O-Cedar packs in it with soft and adaptable microfiber cloth which allows you to reach any surfaces in your house. Yes, even if you want to reach those corners in your bathrooms, it will do the job without giving you all the shoulder aches.

Not to mention, all the fibers have super-absorbent power, giving you the complete control to soak up dust, moisture, and hair that are stuck in your tile’s grout. Now, how does that sound?

However, some have reportedly felt it’s not as long as expected. Especially for those are taller, or you want to reach farther into the corners under the bed or the couch.


  • User-friendly
  • Easy to assemble
  • It doesn’t leave marks behind on your floors
  • The strands can absorb almost all the dirt and dust on your floor, even in the grout


  • The handle can seem lightweight and not sturdy enough

This mop will help you get to the end of those annoying grout effortless. And its lightweight can pay off as taking the pressure off your shoulder, so no more muscle pain after a long cleaning.

In case you need a better scrubbing, you must opt for Libman No Knees Floor Scrub Mop. This hard scrubbing brush is attached to a classic Libman steel mop handle and made of recycled PET bottles. It features 171 groups of scrubbers that cover its large surface, i.e. 13”x5” of cleaning area.

Your knees won’t get hurt using this brush for your floor cleaning task as you won’t require getting down on your knees for scrubbing your tile floor. Simply wet this brush with a small amount of water and a cleaning solution and then start scrubbing your floors. The brush’s head swivels in complete circles hence, you can have a full cleaning and its pointed head helps you reach every corner of your house.


  • Good for using on tiles because the bristles are really hard for doing this task but not actually so hard to scratch on your tiles.
  • Comes with a strong and high-quality Libman handle that allows for floor scrubbing without hurting your knees.
  • Made of recycled PET bottles
  • Feature a steel handle with hanger hole and steel handle is 45” for eliminating bending.
  • Scrubber swivels in full circles, i.e. 360 degrees.
  • Comes with a pointed head that enables for scrubbing into corners.


  • Mop head pivots side to side
  • Very lightweight to be used for deep cleaning the tile floors

Made with ultra-dense Chenille and Microfiber, the O-Cedar Dual Action Microfiber Flip Mop Damp/Dry All Surface Mop is highly proficient for dirt pickup and dry dusting on one side whereas, on the other side, its blue Chenille scrubbing strips are very safe to use for removing embedded dirt.

This gives you twice the power of cleaning your tile floors. You can clean your home floors efficiently and quickly. Its Microfibers can attract and hold dirt, dust, pet hair and other matter and remove them completely from your floors. You can apply machine wash on its mop head up to 100 times.


  • This dual-action microfiber flip mop is environment-friendly and machine washable up to 100 times.
  • The mop head rotates in full circles, which is perfect for easy cleaning.
  • It uses microfiber for attracting hair, dirt, dust and so forth.
  • This efficient mop is double sided Microfiber and Chenille that makes it perfect for wet and dry cleaning. So, on one side, it is proficient for dirt pickup and dry dusting while on the other side, the scrubbing strips can remove embedded dirt safely.
  • Works amazingly on tile floors.
  • Features scrubbing strips which are perfect for deep floor cleaning.
  • Its Chenille side is great for sweeping and pet hair pickup.
  • Microfiber material won’t damage your floors.


  • Too hard to handle
  • Plastic handle is not very durable.

Mopnado packs the whole package for any purchase, so other than water and a bit soap; you can start cleaning your house right away. The truth is, any way you look at it, you think it’s basically a spin mop system, which makes wonder why are we suggesting this spin mop to you?

Yes, it’s a spin mop. But, that’s the simple answer, and this mop is anything but simple. Other than the 180-degree spinning head and the extendable handle (it can stretch to 56 inches!), other than all of that, the feature that takes this mop to another level and makes it suitable for tile floors is the wringing section. It provides the option of literally spinning the water out, therefore, bidding adieu to drips and streaks!

As the desired result, the grout on your floors won’t have the chance to become moldy and mildewy anymore! Remember those brownish or greenish grout? Yeah, with this mop, those colors wouldn’t dare to appear ever again!

Still, there have been some complaints about the overall weight of the bucket. For some, it can be a bit heavy.


  • Machine-washing-friendly mop heads
  • Work on any kinds of floors
  • Stylish looking system
  • Squeezing out water is a breeze
  • The handle has an extendable length


  • Can be heavy for some users

Mopnado will give you a great experience with their products, and if you’re looking an all-around mop, this will make an excellent addition to your home, regardless of whether you have tile floors or not.

If you use a BISSELL 1940 PowerFresh Steam Mop, your floors will sparkle. This steam mop helps you keep the shine of your floors with no use of any cleaner or chemical. You just need to use water while using this steam mop. You won’t require stopping mid-mopping due to its 23ft cord and you will get enough cleaning flexibility and freedom of movement. Avoid adding chemicals or cleaners while using this mop; you can use tap water. It kills germs while cleaning spills on your floors and sanitizes your floor completely.


  • Features variable steam control (High, Medium and Low) that gives you choices for refill frequency and cleaning power.
  • Designed for cleaning every kind of hard floor.
  • The adjustable scrubber offers strength and cleaning flexibility on tough dirt.
  • Kills 99.9% of germs, including bacteria and viruses with heat and no chemicals added.
  • Good to use on tile floors as steam heat is not unsafe for tiles and it eliminates the requirement of scrubbing which can scratch the tiles and for the use of chemicals that might stain grout. In a nutshell, steam levels enable the customized cleaning.
  • Features a removable tank which is easy to fill.
  • Long 23 ft. cord
  • Features antimicrobial protection that is built into its microfiber pads


  • Not so durable
  • Not very safe to be used on wooden floors


You will keep a mop on hand if you have tile floors in your house. In fact, if you just mop once in a while, you must buy only when you need it. As you can see from the aforementioned list of products, these are some of the best mops for tile floors to choose from and these come affordable as well. Think properly regarding the number of tiles you require cleaning and also don’t forget to decide a budget prior to purchasing the right item for you.

Stay tuned to our website for finding more buying guides in the future. Hope, you will find this guide useful enough and can make the right purchase as per your affordability. Feel free to share your opinion with us.


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