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Are you an owner of a hardwood floor? Do you always worry about keeping it clean? Then, consider yourself lucky today as you have found us and we are about to cruise you through the Best Mop for Hardwood Floors. We have got you the best of the mops for you in here; just make sure that you read this post till the end to get a fair idea of them.

After all hardwood floors will last you long if you take care of them properly. You can pass down your priceless possession to your successors with pride if keep them maintained.

There are quite a few things that you may need to know while looking for the Best Mop For Hardwood Floors. We have penned down all the pointers that you may need to focus on. These pointers will make or break your experience of the mop and so are equally important to look at. Read on to know more about them.

Budget – This is the first thing you must think about, as this will help you weed out the others. You need to think about how much money you want to shell on a mop that you will be using daily. It should be economic by all means because you may have to change or replace the mop head monthly. So, you must keep all these factors in your mind and choose your mop.

Weight – You must choose a light in weight mop if you want portability. That is right, you will be moving upstairs and down with your mop. It has to be flexible to help you clean under the furniture and access hard to reach spots. You definitely need a lightweight mop in order to accomplish these tasks.

Material of the mop head – See, you get to select from myriad of options, but makes your mop stand out would be your understanding of your floor. Ideally speaking, a microfiber mop head would be the best choice for a hardwood floor. Microfiber can absorb all the water, which means your floor will not have sticky water that could be hazardous for your floor. Cotton could be reasonable and rayon will not have lint, but microfiber will pick up finest of dust particles, hair and even pet hair in the best possible ways. Think about it.

Eco-friendly – You must invest in something that is environment friendly and lasts you long. If you have pets and children in your house, you would like to get something that can sanitize your house better. This means, you must buy according to your requirement.

Ergonomics – Yes, this is another part of buying a mop and you must pay attention to this. Ergonomics imply, the height of the mop, telescopic suspension facility, type of fabric used for mop head and ease of use. All this will add up to a good mop because it is a package. This package is what makes the mop and you must precisely read into it.

Why Buy This One for Hardwood Floors?

There are quite a lot of advantages of using mops for hardwood floors. In case, you have not noticed then we would like to draw your attention to the fact that cleaning your floors be it hardwood, tile or vinyl is a healthy habit. It keeps your surroundings sterile and tidy all the time. There is more to this and we have discussed them in details in here. Read them carefully.

Spot cleaning – If you are an owner of hardwood floors, then make it a habit of cleaning spills at once. Keeping a mop handy will only aid you with this and your floor will shine forever.

Effective cleaning – This goes right if you use microfiber mop heads as they can reach every nook and cranny to clean your floor. These mops do not leave water marks and much to your surprise they clean your floor without much of a problem. This suggests, you can clean your floor efficiently and there are no doubts about it.

Hygienic – Using a new age mop, like a microfiber also ensures that your floor remains clean by all means. This means, you will not be worried about yarn piles of cotton mops. This is another reason why you should get mops for your hardwood floors.

Save more – You will save water and even on your utility, as you are not using electricity too. This makes these mops eco friendly and rest assured you will be glad to know that you are choosing sustainability over other forms of cleaning.

No more chafing your knees – Yes, mops can ensure that you no more have to put stress on your arms and knees. Many a time, traditional cleaning can cause you grate your knees or they can wreck havoc on your back. A telescopic mop could be your answer to such problems.

Quick cleaning – Mops can help you with swift cleaning and that is for sure. It could be sweeping, mopping or spot cleaning, a mop can prove to be of great assistance with cleaning an area pretty fast. You can use a wipe or rug to clean your floor, but mops can really do it quicker. It is a simple machine that will do well for you, than you can imagine.

Shiny floors – Expect to retain the shine of your hardwood floors with a mop. That is correct, if the cloudy film over your floors is a concern, then you must consider getting a mop immediately. A mop will not only sanitize the floor but also keep it bright and shiny. You surely wouldn’t like to miss out on that, will you?

Fresh floors all day – This is a big reality and if you like to live in a neat house or office, then getting the best mop for wood floors is a must for you. Your house will remain fresh the whole day and undoubtedly, you will be appreciated for your efforts.

Top 5 Reviews

Here is a small list that you can consult before you set out to buy a mop for your beloved floor.

No doubts, this is a professional mop that comes with 2 extra mops to make it easy for you. It is designed to give you a sparkling finish and maintain the hygiene of your surroundings. It is super easy to clean with this mop and the ergonomics make it easier for you to clean with this mop.
It uses premium microfiber to help you clean and the mop heads are washable, which could be taken as another boon. This is a reliable mop that is durable enough to withstand the sturdiest of grime. Users with a height of 4 feet to 6 feet can reap benefits because it has an adjustable handle.


  • To start with, it must be mentioned that this mop is affordable
  • You get interchangeable mop heads make it very economical
  • The aluminum handle makes the mop sturdy
  • The 360 degrees swivel head make it worth your investment
  • You can access hard to reach places with this mop quite easily
  • Picks up the finest of the dirt particles, pet hair, hair and stubborn dust
  • Can be washed by hand or in the machine, you make your choice
  • In fact, these mops are long lasting and washing promises you with more of its service
  • You can find replacements of the 18″ Professional mop everywhere
  • Can clean within minutes
  • You can expect nothing, but superior cleaning with this mop
  • Besides, hardwood, it can also take care of laminate, concrete, tile and stone, in case you have a combination of flooring


  • It lacks the provision of adding cleaning liquids
  • The use of plastic in the body is a downside

If you are looking for a professional quality mop, then the Professional Dust Mop has to be it. This is a versatile mop that can be used for hardwood, tile and laminate floors as well. If you have a mix of flooring, then this will come in handy for you. The best part about these mops is that you can use the mop pads like a broom to sweep your floors.

Now, that is what makes it a multipurpose mop, isn’t it? In case, you are wondering how this mop can aid you in cleaning your hardwood, then here is an explanation to it.


  • It is light in weight, in spite of the heavy gauge aluminum body
  • This handle can be extended to 36 inches to 60 inches for convenience
  • All you need is to twist the handle a little for this, so you see, it is uncomplicated to use
  • Comes with a dry and wet pad that makes it super easy to clean
  • You get assembling instructions with this mop or else you can watch a few videos online to get it right
  • Can be washed in simple cold water or you can machine wash it too
  • Easy to store as it does not take up storage space
  • The mop head swivels to 360 degrees and that makes cleaning under the chairs a breeze
  • It does not have sharp edges that may scrape your furniture


  • Does not work on carpet, rugs or mats as it is made for floors only
  • It cannot self clean, which means you will have to remove the hair and all the debris by hand or use a vacuum

LINKYO mops are a popular choice of many households and the mention of this mop as one of the best mop to clean hardwood floors should not come as a surprise. Do you even know what ABS plastic stands for? No, right, but LINKYO is well aware of quality and that is why they have used this high plastic in this mop. Not to mention, this makes it hard-wearing and long lasting.

Anyone would fall for the brightly colored mop heads that make it cute, yet usable. There is nothing bad to add some colors to your monotonous daily chores. Who is judging? Go on and flaunt your style today!


  • Looks very attractive
  • Totally uncomplicated to operate with
  • Helps you clean resourcefully without taking a toll on your health as it can be extended to 70 inches
  • Accessing hard to reach spots was never easy and this mop makes sure that you clean with your heart’s content
  • It has a robust construction with stainless steel handle and aluminum frame
  • The mop head swivels 360 degrees that sweeten the deal for you
  • Moreover, you get 2 reversible mop heads that make it cost-effective
  • These mops are machine washable, which means you can reuse them
  • You can dust mop or wet mop, it is completely your choice
  • You can use it at home or office because its expediency
  • Backed by 2 years of guarantee that certainly makes it a genuine product


  • The addition of spring and all the technology would come handy if the construction was made a bit firmer
  • Little on the expensive side and that would make a lot of difference

This is a gem of a cleaner and is regarded to be an ideal one for almost all floor types. Of course, it can clean hardwood floors with ease, but is truly an adaptable mop. You can use it on finished floors of all kinds and see how quickly it can take on the toughest of disasters. It is a powerful pack that requires little effort from you while cleaning.

That is yet another point to be noted, which undoubtedly goes into its favor. We need not remind you that this is a kit and it comprises of a few more goodies for you. One mop, five pads, batteries and a cleaning solution has to be something and we have got a detailed account of this mop in this segment. Have a look.


  • It can trap dirt and absorb grime quite deeply
  • There is no need to pre-treat your floor, as you can start cleaning right away with it
  • Takes little effort from your side and cleans up the grimiest of spots
  • This connotes that you need exert your body too much while cleaning
  • This is a boon for those that cannot lift heavy machinery
  • The solution is mild, but it smells good
  • The automatic sprayer makes it easy for you while working
  • It can cleanup within minutes and that is one more brownie point for the Swiffer WetJet mop
  • Comes with a money back guarantee


  • Strictly not for unsealed wood
  • The spray has a high concentration
  • The floors do not shine after cleaning with it
  • The refills are really expensive

Were you wondering, why there was no mention of O-Cedar till this moment? Yes, that is what this brand is capable of doing. It is a crowd favorite brand and has manufactured quite a few mops and cleaning products that have won hearts over. The O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop is no different to it. As a matter of fact, this mop clarifies what hands free cleaning is all about.

The bucket only makes it trouble-free to mop in these days of the steam cleaning. This is another feather in its hat and if this interests further, then you can read the following description to know more about it.


  • Hands down, it looks very pretty
  • The bucket can wring a lot of water
  • This insinuates that it has a built in wringer
  • You don’t have to get your hands dirty
  • The foot pedal is of high quality and no it will not break that easy
  • It can deep cleanse your hardwood floor because of the microfiber head
  • Has a splash guard, which keeps the spray inside without spilling it
  • The head can swivel 360 degrees, which makes it undemanding
  • The triangle head actually makes it easy for you clean every corner of the house
  • You are in complete control of the whole system
  • The mop heads are washable and this brings down the price
  • You can use it on wet or dry floor as per your need


  • Okay, storage could be a problem, as you have to store the bucket along with the mop
  • You may need refill every 3 to 6 months

Tips For Using

Mopping is a very simple procedure and you will be astonished to know that there are easy ways of keeping your hardwood floors clean. We have collated all the details pertaining to tips of using mops for your hardwood floors in this section. We would request you to pay heed to this if that interests you.

Sweep first – This is the first thing that you should do even if you are vacuuming, you must sweep the floor first. Sweeping will ascertain that there are no particles left on the floor that would scour your floor while mopping. There is no need to explain that this can grate your wooden floor real bad.

Mop often – This goes true for areas with high footfalls, as they need to be cleaned more often. You certainly don’t want your house or office look dirty, so you must take of spots that receive maximum traffic. This will lend your floor a shine; keep it sanitized and fresh at the same time.

Use microfiber mops – These mops use static electricity to trap allergens, microbes and minutest of dust particles. These mops are low on maintenance and they make your life easy. Plus, these are easily available online these days and you can order anyone of the mentioned mops from any online retailer of your choice today.

Invest in an adjustable mop – If you want to save your back, then go for a mop that can be adjusted. This indicates that you must get the telescopic suspensions if possible. These mops can help you clean thoroughly and you will be more than happy to do so. Mops like these actually make it worth every penny and ultimately you will be pleased with your choice.

Use mats – Placing mats at strategic spots can be beneficial for the owner of a hardwood floor for sure. Mats will provide your floors with protective covering and also assure that your floors do not receive too much of debris or dust. This will help you while mopping, as these areas will be protected and you will have to exert less at these spots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What can you clean with the Best Mop For Hardwood Floors?

Ans. You can clean almost anything like hair, pet hair, dust, dirt, grime, allergens and even microbes with the right mops. Just take some and read through this post to get a hang of things.

Q2. How often does hardwood floor need cleaning?

Ans. You may need to clean it at least once a week, depending on the traffic it gets. It is recommended that you clean high traffic areas on a regular basis, as this will prevent your floor from getting scuffed from the dust particles.

Q3. Where can you use these mops?

Ans. You can use mops practically anywhere. It could be your drawing room, kitchen, study or bedroom. Use them intelligently and they will serve you well.

Q4. What mops should I use for hardwood floors?

Ans. You must get a microfiber mop that is washable (if possible machine washable too) and one that has electrostatic actions. Mops with like those can attract micro particles and allergens.

Q5. What kind of cleaning agent should I choose?

Ans. You must buy products marked only for hardwood floors. You must make certain that the cleaner should not contain anything abrasive that may scuff your floors.

Q6. Is there is a need to get an adjustable mop?

Ans. Yes, there is, as you may need to reach under the furniture to clean. A telescopic suspension is a perfect solution for everyday needs for this.

Q7. Is there a need to wash the mop head?

Ans. Yes, there is, because if you don’t then there are high chances of the dirt from the mop head to graze your floor. You surely wouldn’t like that and will want the best for your floors. Cleaning your mop is a way to make sure that it sanitizes your floor and does not scrape it.


We have provided you with all that you will need to get to the Best Mop for Hardwood Floors. Following our advice will not only help you choose the right mop but also keep your floor protected. Any hardwood floor owner would be more than happy to invest in the right mop over damaging their floor.

We would like to add, that this is an earnest endeavor that we present to you in the best of our spirits. Hope, we have answered all your questions in this post and if you have more queries, do let us know via the comments section.


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