Can I Clean Cat Urine With Bleach? – Tips For Cleaning Cat Urine

We all know cat urine smells unpleasant and even gets worse over time. How to deal with this matter? Can I clean cat urine with bleach?

Do not worry as we are here to help you find out a satisfactory answer. Scroll down now!


Can I Clean Cat Urine With Bleach?

Although bleach is extremely vital for you to wash clothes or clean normal stains/ dirty spots, it does not come in handy when coming to cleaning cat urine. It is not highly recommended to use bleach to get rid of cat urine. Do you know why?

Well, there’s ammonia in cat urine, which causes harmful gases when mixing with bleach. To be more specific, this fume can make you faint, especially when you are in a small enclosed space such as a bathroom.

For this reason, we would like to conclude that the answer to this question is No

Tips For Cleaning Cat Urine

Clean Up Cat Urine Stains Before Worse Smell

Speaking of urine, especially cat urine, the longer it sits, the more uncomfortable the stench becomes. 

Additionally, as a urine stain starts to dry, it might become invisible to the naked eye, but it can leave the uncomfortable smell. As such, the smell will lead your cat to pee in that area again.

Don’t Use Products Containing Ammonia

One of the most significant tips in cleaning cat urine is to avoid any cleaners coming with ammonia. As we have mentioned above, cat urine has ammonia. If we combine it with other chemical products, the stain maybe even worse. 

Always Soak The Stain In Cool Water First 

For linens, clothing, and cushions, you should soak or rinse the thing with cool water first, then squeeze the urine out of the clothes as much as possible. 

On top of that, you can utilize a towel in this case.

Always Choose The Right Cleaning Chemicals.

Besides, how about adding a cup of baking soda or a quarter cup of cider vinegar with detergent? Rest assured that it always helps remove the urine from your linens and clothing effectively.  

However,  in case of cushions, mattresses, carpet, the enzyme cleaner is much more suitable to use.  

Choose The Right Method To Clean

Washing machine is undoubtedly useful for those lines and clothing absorbed with cat urine. 

On the contrary, if you have to handle some big, heavy, and thick cushions, mattresses, or carpets that can’t be stuffed in a machine, what will you do? 

Well, the first thing you should do is to blot up the urine that  you can with a clean cloth. Then, let’s pour an enzyme cleaner into the spot and leave it for 15 minutes. After that, you need to squish out the excess cleaner before wiping them out with towels again. A wet vacuum can also help you out, but you are not allowed to use steamers.


The heat can lock in the smell before it’s completely gone; air-dry is the way to go.

For those things that take several days so that cushions can completely dry, you ought to lay the aluminum foil down and put them back later. Also, let’s put the next foil layer over the pillow top to prevent the cats from peeing on it again.

Simultaneously, mattresses and carpet need to be cleaned with towels till they’re dry.

Keep Your Cat From Urinating in That Spot in the Future

Once you’ve cleaned a particular area, it will be best if you prevent your cat from peeing in that area again. Since cats prefer to eat and have a pee in separate regions afterward, just place food bowls or treats, or leave toys there. As such, you can keep your cat under control easily.

Final Verdict! 

Can I clean cat urine with bleach? Have you known the answer to this question after reading our article no? We do hope that the answer is yes.

On top of that, thanks to our thorough tips for cleaning cat urine, you can deal with this matter effortlessly from now on. Thanks for reading.

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