How To Clean Dust From A PS3 – Practical Tips You Can Follow

You have not ever tidied up a PS3, so you do not know whether this job is straightforward or complex. 

The answer is: “very easy, certainly!”. Don’t believe it? Alright! below we will let you know how to clean dust from a PS3 with short and effortless steps.

How to Clean Dust From a PS3

Towel The Case

Turn off The Power and Unplug The System

All you need to do first is power off and unplug the PS3 system. You also need to unplug all other cords from their respective ports and wipe off the case to remove dirt around.

How to Clean The Case

Clear the case’s surface with an antiseptic wiper, gently rub the top and bottom of the PS3. Continue moving the towel along the edges of the machine to clean. Yet avoid wiping the buttons on the console or the ports and slots of the device.

To clean ports and vents or crevices, you had better use small cotton swabs to clean around the ports’ rim. Then, pass a cotton swab between the ventilation panels to clean the dirt. 

In the controller’s turn, you also clean with a toothpick and a disinfectant towel. Use a toothpick to remove plugs caught in the seams between the buttons and the attached plastic covers. 

In case you are worried that the toothpick might damage the machine, the cotton swab is a good alternative.



Unplug The Power

You have to unplug the machine in advance since the PS3’s self-cleaning feature cannot work unless the system is completely powered off. Be sure to also remove all the discs on your PS3 before you proceed.

Clear The Vent

In case you have PS3 Slim, then unplug it after setting the standby mode.

While the PS3 of yours is off, you hold the nozzle of a compressed air 3-5 inches (7.6-12.7cm) from each vent. 

Next, you pull the trigger or button to release the air. It is essential to spray at an angle away from the center of each vent. You will damage the fan if you are careless.

Start Self-Cleaning Function

Go on positioning the eject button, which is on the front face of the PS3. It is easy to be figured out as a triangle. It would help if you used the index finger in order to hold this button-down. Nevertheless, do not press too hard while keeping it.

Plug the PS3 in and turn it on again, but keep holding the eject button. Hold the button for a while, and then let it go when you hear a noise from the fan. Then, plug the power cord back in, the PS3 will return to standby mode and have a “beep”.

At this time, the fan will spin at a faster speed. If the fan is loud, please release the eject button to let the fan continue to run normally.

This is the action used to activate the PlayStation 3’s self-cleaning feature. In essence, the system will overclock the machine until the dust is removed through the vents. When you see dust, wipe it off with a paper towel immediately. This process lasts only 1 to 5 minutes.

The fan turns off when the sensors think the system has been refreshed. Cotton swabs will be needed to clean the vents due to plenty of dust there.

Turn off the PS3 and reboot by flipping the power switch or pull the plug to the machine’s back and wait 10 seconds. Then you flip the switch one more time, plug it back in also, and use your PS3 normally. 

Tidy Up The Inside

Remove The Sticker and Screws The Back

Turning off the PS3 and unplugging everything is also the first step. Next is the ethernet wires and the controller. You have to dismantle all the related cables. Put your PlayStation on a flat surface that covers a clean towel underneath after all.

Remove the stickers and all screws on the PS3 back. Then, use the TR9 screwdriver to remove the two screws at the top left and right, respectively, removing the screws underneath the patches.

There are 3 to 4 screws in total, depending on the PS3 model. And you need to store them carefully to avoid loss or confusion.

Tidy The Back Panel

Now, gently pull the back to get the cover off by holding around its edges. Avoid rough handling as it may scratch the panel.

Use compressed air and a paper towel to clean the panel’s surface: spray compressed air on both sides of the control panel, then wipe it off with a paper wipe.

If it is hard to clean, you can use an antiseptic wipe to remove harder stains. Yet you must let it dry in the air for at least 30 minutes before reassembling.

It aims to unleash TR9 screws easily. Use the dedicated TR9 screwdriver to open TR9 screws. With the two larger screws in the corners, the Phillips head screwdriver is the exact choice.

Reach Inside

Gently lift the panel from each side with your fingers. One side where the hinge is located will not open. You slowly extend the board along the direction of this hinge and try finding a way to reach the interior of the PS3.

Clear The Power Supply

You need to wipe off the dust with a dry paper towel. Use a can of compressed air with a small nozzle built in so you can spray air into narrow and difficult to reach areas and blow off all the dirt.

It would help if you also kept a cloth under the cover to eliminate any accumulated dust.

You start with Philips screws, tighten them. Then, continue to screw three more TR9 screws into the panel. Finally, please plug in the device again.

Our Final Words

Understanding how to clean dust from a PS3 properly, you will perform smoothly without troubles as the nature of this is not complex. Thanks for reading this article!

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