How to Clean Black and White Canvas Shoes: Step-By-Step Guide

Many Canvas’ fans do not know how to clean black and white Canvas shoes in the right way that retains their favorite shoes’ color, condition, and look. It’s not a good feeling when you cannot wear your favorite shoes because they are dirty, isn’t it?

To make Canvas lovers have an easier time washing their shoes, we will show you how to clean this brand of shoes, especially those with black and white color. Let’s figure it out now!


Can I Clean Canvas Shoes with A Washing Machine?

It is much easier and more convenient for busy people to wash their shoes with washing machines. So can you clean Canvas shoes with a washing machine?

The answer is “Yes,” but there are some rules you should keep in mind to protect your shoes and the washing machine as well. Also, we do not encourage you to use washing machines for shoes. Only do it when you do not have time for cleaning Canvas shoes by hand. We will explain why later on. 

Here is what you should do before washing your Canvas shoes with a washing machine!

  • Step 1: Find a Suitable Washing Machine

First, if you choose to use a washing machine to wash your shoes, make sure your machine is new and strong enough to handle hard objects. You know, washing machines were often made to wash cotton, micro fabric, and other kinds of soft fabric, not hard and tough materials.

The old washing machine model cannot handle hard objects, so your shoes might damage the machine. Moreover, old washing machines will not likely clean your shoes well. 

  • Step 2: Do not Wash Your Shoes with Colorful Clothes

If you have a new washing machine, then everything will be much easier. Modern machines are strong enough to handle shoes. But you need to be careful if you want to wash your shoes with other dark-colored clothes because the color comes off from dark clothes that might stick into your shoes, especially the bright-color parts of your shoes.

When these colors stick into your shoes, it won’t be easy to get rid of. Consider washing the machine on its own or with clothes that have the same color. 

  • Step 3: Pre-wash The Dirt

Before putting your shoes in the washing machine, make sure you pre-wash all the soil, mud, and hard stains with water first. Please do not just throw your shoes into the machine after taking them off because it will damage your washing machine, no matter if it is new or old. 

The last thing you need to make sure is to put your shoes in the washing bag to protect them. In the next steps, we will tell you what soap to use and how to dry your shoes fast.

What Soap Is Suitable for Canvas Shoes? 

The ingredients people use to wash Canvas shoes are baking soda, vinegar, and bleach. You can also use dishwashing soap or other liquid soaps to clean your Canvas shoes. 

Strong washing products such as bleach should only be used separately by applying to the white areas that have stains on. Be careful when you use it in black shoes or the black spots on your shoes. 

In the previous section, we have talked about washing shoes with a washing machine. Even though it may be ok to do so, the yellow or dark stains from your shoes might not come off easily by the washing machine. You may need to clean the hard stains with your hands.

How to Clean Black and White Canvas Shoes? 

For white and black shoes, we need to notice a few things to maintain the quality of the shoes’ colors. Even though we need to be more careful while cleaning the white areas of the shoes, the cleaning processes of black and white Canvas shoes are quite familiar with other sneakers’. 


The most important things you need to prepare for the cleaning process are baking soda and vinegar. If you do not have them, then dishwashing soap is fine. In case your shoes have hard yellow or dark stains in the white color part, then Peroxide will be useful as well. 

It would help if you also prepared other necessary tools such as an old toothbrush, gears, and water. That’s it! Now let’s start cleaning the shoes!

Step 1: Create Cleaning Mixtures

If you choose vinegar and baking soda, you can mix them with the ratio of two spoons of vinegar, one spoon of baking soda, and around one water cup. Stir them carefully until all the ingredients are mixed. 

In case you choose dishwashing soap, the ration will be one tablespoon of dishwashing soap and one small bowl of water. Again, mix them together carefully. 

Step 2: Scrub Your Shoes

It is recommended that you wear gears while cleaning because both mixtures mentioned above might harm sensitive hand skin. Now pour the mixture on your shoes and use the old toothbrush to start scrubbing all the dirt and stains away. 

Scrub the shoes carefully until all the dirt is off. You might have to spend more time scrubbing all the yellow and dark stains in the white areas of your shoes because those stains are pretty hard to get rid of. 

Step 3: Remove Hard Stains with Peroxide (Optional)

This step can be skipped if your shoes are already cleaned perfectly after step two. In case the stains are too difficult to scrub off, Peroxide will help. 

Peroxide is useful for white shoes or the white areas. 

Pour around two or three cups of Peroxide in a container, then dip your old toothbrush in and start to scrub the yellow stains on your off. You will see the stains come off so much easier, and your white shoes will be perfectly white again.

Step 4: Wash the Whole Shoes

After your shoes are clean, wash the whole shoes in the mixtures we mentioned above. Do not forget to wash the insoles because if you do not wash them carefully, you will feel the bad smell remain on your shoes. The insoles can be easily cleaned with the two mixtures we mentioned in the first place. 

Step 5: Wash Your Shoes with Water and Dry Them

In this final step, you will need to wash the shoes with water carefully until all the cleaning substances are removed. After that, hang your shoes under the sun to let them dry. The insoles need to be hung and dry separately and do not put them back to your shoes until they are all dried. 

How Often Should I Wash My Shoes?

  • Weekly Wash the Shoes You Wear Every Day

It is not easy to tell how often you should wash your shoes. It depends on how many times you use that pair of shoes and how dirty they are at the moment. The shoes that are used every day should be cleaned once a week or every two weeks. 

  • Wash Them As Soon As Possible When They Are Wet

If you just come home after the rain, it will be best for you to wash your shoes immediately. Rain and wet conditions can make your shoes smell bad. What will happen if you do not wash the shoes right away in this case? Well, then the next time you wash them, you will see how sticky they are, and the condition of your shoes might be reduced as well. 

  • Wash Hard Dirt Early On

When your shoes have other dirty stuff stuck in such as mud or stains, wash it immediately to prevent the dirt from drying, sticking harder into the fabric parts of your shoes, and will be really hard or even impossible to get rid of later on. 

  • Wash the Insoles Frequently

If you use your shoes frequently and it is not so dirty at that moment. It is recommended that you wash the insoles once or twice a week to keep your shoes from smelling bad. For white shoes or the white parts of your shoes, when you see they start to get many yellow stains, it’s time to wash them. 


Every type or brand of shoes has a unique cleaning process we should follow to maintain its quality, color, and condition. This article has shown Canvas fans how to clean black and white Canvas shoes easily with simple steps and ingredients. We hope the information we provided is helpful for you.

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