Can You Flush Paper Towels – All You Need To Know

Paper towel is one of the necessary things in people’s lives daily. However, where people throw after using it should be taken into account. These days, people use a tremendous amount of paper towels and flush them, causing many problems like clogging the toilet. 

If you are struggling to find the answer to the question, “Can you flush paper towels?” We are here to help. Let’s dive right into this post to find the right answer!


Can You Flush Paper Towels? 

To answer the question,, “Can you flush paper towels?” Let’s consider what happens if you flush paper towels first.

What Happens If You Flush A Paper Towel?

Flushing paper towels can cause blockages and costly home pipes issues, mainly because paper towels are not intended to break down in water. 

Studies show that paper towels can require from 8-14 days to dissolve, making their flushability claim unworkable as people cannot wait for eight days to remove wastewater.

In fact, the wastewater treatment plant measures sewage in stages that differentiate water from a sludge layer and eliminate toxins, microorganisms, and different contaminants. 

Furthermore, many of the sludge gets unloaded into landfills, yet some are changed to overcrop compost and fuel utilized to continue powering waste treatment facilities. When the water experiences treatment, some of it is returned to neighborhood waterways. 

If your home’s drain and waste lines do not have an enormous diameter, home pipes issues will often happen. When you have been flushing them consistently and notice that you are getting a “slow drain” around the house, it is an ideal opportunity to get your drain cleared before a significant clog causes a break or sewage reinforcement.

Flush Paper Towels: Can Or Cannot?

No! You shouldn’t. 

It would be best if you did not flush paper towels

The more stuff that gets flushed, the harder it is on the sewer frameworks. More seriously, flushed wipes and paper towels can cause big issues for city sewer frameworks and treatment plants by clogging the pipes. A portion of these clogs develop to a few feet across and gauge well over a ton.

The problems faced by city sewers and treatment plants deteriorated in 2020 because of a lack of tissues, which has prompted numerous people to substitute toilet paper things. 

Paper items can get stuck farther down the entire stack, bringing about a clog framing inside the actual drain rather than the lavatory itself. With mentioned these serious problems above, you have to consider carefully before flushing paper towels. 

Therefore, if you would like your tax dollars tossed at pointless public works problems, make an effort not to stress the sewer system. Let’s create many ways to recycle paper towels, which may contribute to protect the environment.

What You Need To Do If You Have Plumbing Issues? 

Calling a Plumber

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If you use paper towels that gradually lead to pipe issues, you should call and look out for an expert to solve the problem. As a rule, a plumber should have the option to separate the stop up utilizing a plumber’s rodding machine; however, a few cases include more extensive work. 

Especially awful clogs can require the handyman to eliminate the whole latrine from its drain to pinpoint the clog.

When the plumber deals with the blockage, you ought to have your toilet assessed for further damage. Now, you might need to stock up on toilet issues so you will not run into this problem once more time.

Fixing by Yourself

It has been reported that the average household leak can waste over 9400 gallons of water every year.  Unchecked plumbing issues can truly hurt your wallet and frequent you when you need water the most. Flushing paper towels is one of the main reasons causing this problem. 

Here are some tips for dealing with the blockage by yourself:

Give your lines a decent cleaning monthly:

Hair, oil, and especially paper towels may build up in drains over time. To clear away coarseness and grime, you can utilize a non-corrosive drain cleaner that uses safe bacteria. 

Also,  pouring a little soft drink into the drain and following hot water is another perfect idea to clean the pipe. 

Flush your drains consistently:

Hot water assists break up oils in food and clears out possible clogs, so you need to run warm or hot water down your drain frequently.  

A large water volume is rarely received by certain low-volume fixtures and pipes, which is important to get out debris. You can fix this by periodically flushing down sinks with a large water flow (5 gallons).

Try not to toss things down the toilet:

This incorporates dental floss, hair, and paper towels! These things can cause a lot of trouble to you many times. Therefore, it would help if you use paper towels as little as possible and start changing your habit of using paper towels.

How To Solve The Problem If Not Flushing?

Serious issues will probably occur when you flush your used paper towels, and the system is not designed to deal with that. It would be best if you had a small trash bin next to the toilet, place utilized paper there. 

After putting the rubbish container in the toilet, you have to take out the trash regularly. As when people see bins full of rubbish, they tend to flush paper towels. 

Rather than throwing used paper towels into the trash bin, throw them into the fertilizer receptacle with eggshells, espresso beans and filters, and food scraps. Fertilizing the soil is another way of reuse. 

You can put paper towels ruined with cleaning items or different chemicals in your dark truck as trash. In addition, finding a way to make the paper towels eco-friendly as much as possible is a necessary thing to do.

Remember that never flush paper towels because they can hurt the pipes in your house, particularly in the general environment.


Can you flush paper towels? Now you get it! Knowing the consequences of flushing used paper towels is essential. Flushing paper towels can cause blockages and take you a great amount of time and money to solve the problems.

After this article, we hope you have a better understanding of the result of flushing paper towels. Moreover, we hope you can quickly change your habits and choose another alternative way that suits you best to throw paper towels. Remember that please do not flush paper towels. Thanks for reading, and see you in our next posts!


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