The Ultimate Answer: Can Blankets Be Dry Cleaned?

We are all familiar with the washing process for everyday, ordinary clothing items. However, cleaning blankets can remain a blind spot for some of us. 

If you are struggling because your blanket at home does not clearly specify its preferred cleaning mode, then spend some time reading our post to find out if your blankets can be dry cleaned! We will address your head-scratching question, can blankets be dry cleaned? 


Can Blankets Be Dry Cleaned? – Debunking Washing Myths

Many popular washing myths claim that blankets cannot be dry cleaned, as their quality, as well as longevity, will be reduced. Obviously, we would not want this to happen since blankets can be quite a costly investment. 

In short, most blankets can be dry cleaned. However, to be safe, you should check the compatibility of your blanket’s material. 

To dry clean or not to dry clean? That is the question! 

Wool Blankets

If you own a wool blanket, then you should certainly have it dry cleaned. It is a delicate material that should be handled with extra care. Putting a wool blanket in the washing machine can change the color, size, and shape of the blanket, thus reducing your blanket’s overall lifecycle. An important tip for wool is to never scrub it too harshly.

Viscose Blankets

Viscose blankets are another type that should be dry cleaned since they can be prone to shrinking and distorting. Often, the twisting mechanism in the washers can damage as well as disfigure the blanket. This is because it has a low wet strength capacity. 

If you own a viscose blanket, such as those that are usually sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, BedVoyage, or OUTLANDER, then you should dry-clean them. 

Satin Blankets

If the blanket in question is made of satin, then it is also recommended that you opt for dry cleaning. Satin is a sensitive material. Therefore, it is a safer alternative for you to dry clean the blanket rather than taking your risk with hand cleaning or washing your blanket in standard machines.

Up until now, you have read about types of blankets that can and should be dry cleaned. But, what about blankets that cannot be dry cleaned? 

Blankets that consist of synthetic materials, plastic, PVC, and polyurethane should steer clear of dry cleaners. Fleece blankets are a common type made of synthetic materials, so these should not be dry cleaned. Instead, you can conveniently clean them at home.

Additionally, fancier blankets with embellishments, such as beading should not be dry cleaned because these are likely to melt when in contact with the cleaning solvents used in dry cleaning processes. 

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In short, when it comes to dry cleaning blankets, you must always take very careful considerations. Be sure to check what materials make up your piece before proceeding to decide whether or not you should dry clean it. Once you have determined the type of your blanket, cross-check it with what we have shared in this post to know if you can dry clean your blankets. 

Hopefully, you have found our post helpful in learning on answers: can blankets be dry cleaned? Feel free to comment about your cleaning experience below!

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