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Ajax Vs Comet Powder: What Is Better For Cleansing?

When it comes to some good cleansing products, you must have been confused by the comparison between Ajax vs Comet powder. These two products must be familiar enough for your family, so it is such a hassle to choose one out of two. 

Do not worry anymore as we are here to help you. Let’s consult my article below to find out the answer.

Short Description For Each One


  • Exclusive ingredients to clean tidy floors, stoves, cookers, sinks, ceramic surfaces, and more.
  • Wipes out 99.9% of bacteria in teacup sets made of almost materials, such as steel, glass.
  • Does not consist of hazardous components, making it totally safe for the skin and guaranteeing the health of human beings.


  • Scratch-free formula
  • Solves your hard-cleaning troubles in the kitchen, toilet, and everywhere in your house
  • Cleans porcelain, stainless steel, fiberglass, Corian
  • Impressively nails solid materials and ceramic tiles
  • The surfactants are biodegradable without Phosphate

The Differences Between Ajax Vs Comet Powder

The ingredients for the cleaning agent of the two products are different and then lead to different cleaning results. 

Besides, they share the dissimilarity in scent. To be more specific, Ajax smells like cedar pine with a little bleach, while Comet’s one is like lemon. However, it’s up to consumers’ experience to assume which one is better.

What Is Better?

I’ve just come up with the conclusion yesterday but let me tell you how I found it.

I had been engaging with Ajax to clean the kitchen stuff. I used it just because I followed in my mom’s footsteps, she always used Ajax when I was growing up. I was just deep-seated by that product, and I never thought of changing into any other brands, even though I already knew that Comet was a great opponent of Ajax. 

Yesterday, I just ran out of Ajax, and I was about to buy a new one. And unexpectedly, the supermarket got rid of all the Ajax products. I tried to find them on other aisles and asked a staff member to make sure I wouldn’t miss them. It turned out that I had no more options other than opting for a new cleansing product. 

Finally, the name of Comet slipped my mind, helping me decide to choose it. And now I have to say that the result of Comet amazingly ROCKS.

It cleaned my kitchen stuff much more deeply than the Ajax ever did. Its bleach function is also amazing, which made my sink seem almost new. And its fragrance is similar to sweet lemon, subtle but less strong than Ajax. 


It must be mentioned that the answer to the competition between “Ajax vs Comet powder” is just my point of view. My favorite may come from their effect in cleansing, fragrance, and healthy ingredients. I hope my review is useful for you to choose the right cleansing product. Good luck with your ultimate choice.

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  1. RE your Comet vs Ajax comparison – Comet’s not what it used to be, now being manufactured off-shore with a much lower clean quality. And Ajax which was way inferior to Comet is now much much better than it was and surely better than present made Comet.

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